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IMAGINE the looks you'll get when you pull one of these out. The professional card holder is finished with an intricate, laser-cut engraving of the Ghost Ace of Spades, the Arcane Ribbons or even the dominating Black Tiger.

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A high-end, professional-grade card guard that will increase the durability and longevity of your playing cards-- all the while looking as sleek as can be.

These Clips have been designed to match some of our all-time best-selling decks - Arcane, Masters, Ghost, Black Tigers & Artifice.

There's just something so slick about a card player who pulls the matching deck out of one of these stainless-steel clips. They also make a satisfying 'CLUNK' when lain on the table, effectively announcing your arrival - and that you mean business.

Fast List

  • • Brushed Stainless Steel, pro-grade
  • • Choice of five detailed engravings: Arcane, Ghost, Tiger, Masters or Artifice
  • • Keeps your Cards protected when not in use
  • • Designed by Ellusionist
  • • Laser-Etched design on Front, Back and Spine of Clip

SPECIAL NOTE: Two things when your clip arrives. First, be sure to tear off the protective plastic layer that adheres to the metal (it’s hard to see at first) - it's there to keep that nice shiny finish from getting scratched during delivery. Second, for extra protection, take a little fine sandpaper to the inside edge of the “thumb” cutout. Sometimes it can be a little rough. Third, enjoy your gorgeous clip! Ok... so three things then.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Nesta Vázquez

    May 2015

    I got the ghost clip free with a purchase of 6 decks. It works perfectly, maintaining the cards safe and it is really beautiful.

  2. by Osku Penttinen

    Sep 2014

    I got the Black Tiger Deck stainless steel clip about a week ago. I'm very happy with the quality and the look. When I pull it out in front of my audience, it looks very sexy and says I'm serious about cards.

    The only note I will make is that the inside edges of the steel are very sharp from the metal stamping / cutting process and scratch the finish of the cards when pulling them out of the clip – especially on the Black Tiger Deck damage becomes quickly visible. If you decide to get a clip, first thing I recommend is that you check for sharpness on the inside edges and simply using a fine grade of sandpaper or a metal file, smooth off the sharp edges very carefully to prevent damaging your cards. Then it should work perfectly protecting your decks for ages.

  3. by Tyler Lashley

    Apr 2014

    I use to ruin decks so fast I never leave my house without cards, but this clip has kept my new ones looking and handling new. It has even straitened some of my older decks back out. I recommend this to anyone who always. carries cards with them.

  4. by Brayan Torres

    Feb 2014

    I recently purchased this item, and I must say it is high quality. It keeps my cards from any bending and thus allows me to carry them inside my jeans pockets without any worries of ruining my cards.

    The design is also very nice. I got the ghost edition clip, and I especially like the latin phrase on the side of the clip - it gives your magician appearance a more mystic theme that I think is awesome!

  5. by Brandon Speedo

    Feb 2014

    A great accessory! The material is very durable and the etching is beyond beautiful. However, when the clear plastic is taken off, the clip is vulnerable to fingerprints and oils. But who cares! It's a MUST HAVE.

  6. by Francis Moscal

    Jan 2014

    It may be a lot for a piece of steel but if you are a card manipulator this is a must have. You cannot not be caught without one it helps keep cards beautiful and shows that you're a person who knows their stuff when it comes to cards.GET IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. by Tristan Wine

    Aug 2013

    If you, like me, always carry a deck of cards in your pocket, you need a card clip. Before I got this clip, my cards (and the box) would be almost unusable after a few days. Now, after a week and a half of using the clip, my cards (and the box) still feel brand new!
    It also LOOKS great, especially if your case matches the deck you use.
    All in all, a five star product!

  8. by Bren

    Aug 2013

    A beautiful simple solution to protecting your deck. The engraving on the brush steel looks amazing and the photos fail to do it justice. But do take the extra time to get some fine sandpaper to smooth down the edge where the "thumb hole" is. Otherwise, the card clips are great and I wish I had the whole set.

  9. by Daniel Vijay

    Jul 2013

    I've got two of the arcane ones and they look pretty BUT you really do have to sand down the edges cuz it really does scratch your box up. Overall it does protect your deck from harm but it does not keep your cards from warping. If you want one that does go and get the Joe Porper card clip!

  10. by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    I hear people complain about these clips scratching their box... I have never had that problem. They are great for keeping your box and cards in good shape as well as being used to show off. People always comment at how cool they think my card case looks!

  11. by samuel nelson

    May 2013

    These are fashionable and protective! I cant wait until I can get one. I have already ruined several decks and this will help protect my from deck from harm.

  12. by Eric Bailey

    May 2013

    I picked up one of these last week, and I love it. I took the advice and sanded down the edges with some sandpaper. No scratches on my boxes at all. I was surprised at how beefy this is. It really helps keep the cards straight, too. The engraving is cut pretty deep so if you do get still doesn't affect the quality of the image. I have the masters edition. Really nice.

  13. by gary roe

    Apr 2013

    best of the best

  14. by Ivan Herrera Sainz

    Apr 2013

    Visually the clip seems to be perfect, but when i started using it i noticed that the clip began to scratch the box, the inner edges of the clip are rough so it does not matter the deck i will always leave the box awful. This is the first time i say this but honestly i do not recommend getting this product except that mine its defective...

    **Ellusionist Response** - Using very fine grit sandpaper will take those rough bits off.

  15. by Guy Snell

    Mar 2013

    Although the card clip looks great and protects the deck without issue, when I took the plastic off I was unhappy to find the face of the clip had a few large gouges on it. These were more than the small scratches that would come with general use, and not something I was happy to see before I started using it.

    **Ellusionist Response - We will replace damaged or defective products if notified promptly**

  16. by Eric Martin

    Jan 2013

    I bought the Arcane edition of this clip. Impecable. I have not sanded it yet and have already used it. No issues, no markings on my boxes. Only downside: it's not a glove fit for the deckboxes. They do fit, but not perfectly. Regardless, when you pull this out, boy how they spread their eyes open.

  17. by Travis Hanna

    Jan 2013

    I had purchased my brother both black and white arcane decks and wanted to keep the boxes in good condition. These clips were perfect fit, a little snug, but not too snug that the decks got ruined. These were an excellent Christmas gift. I highly recommend them if you want to prolong the life of your card boxes.

  18. by austin dupree

    Mar 2012

    so, this clip has yet to dissapoint! it straitens out my cards, keeps them from being warped, and gathers alot of attention! other than the fact that you have to sand the edges, this clip is perfect! i highly recomend it!

  19. by Matthew He

    Jan 2012

    I bought the Arcane card clip along with my arcane deck, and after a month of using it with the cards, the card box was ruined and full of white cuts. Maybe I'm the only one, but take this in consideration before buying. Still, very nice engraving!

  20. by alex

    Dec 2011

    When i got my clip i instantly did what Ellusionist says to and I used sandpaper to smooth out some edges. When I put a box of cards in there, and took them out, the box was scratched up a ton. Multiple of my boxes are now scratched including my LTD. Deck, Red Artifice deck, and Tally Ho Viper deck.

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