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The coin slowly, visually BENDS with both sleeves up and all eyes on the signed coin.

IMAGINE: You walk up to a group of spectators and borrow a coin. With no switches, the coin is signed. No funny moves. The signed coin is placed in your hands. You lift your arms up to eye level, and then roll up your sleeves to show that you're clean. Eerily, slowly, impossibly, they see THEIR signed, borrowed coin bend with an extreme curve.

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Immediately, with no hesitation, you let the coin fall into their hands for full, complete examination. Unless you're performing for Chuck Norris*, they won't be able to bend the coin a single bit. Use a quarter, dime, penny, half-dollar - anything.

Let the spectator keep the coin - let them take it home as a souvenir. They'll remember you for years to come.A mind-blowing, brilliant release by Roy Kueppers that will allow you to fool YOURSELF when performing it in the mirror.

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  1. by 8ofclubz

    May 2014

    This is KILLER! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a signed, coin bend routine done in the hands, right in front of your spectators. This is my first one, and I'm really impressed with how easy it is to pull off right under their noses. I've performed this about 100 times since I got it and no one has ever had any idea. It's summer time and warm, all done in short sleeves. I ditch the gimmick before revealing the bend, and that works great, especially because they don't know anything happened yet! Can't wait till it gets colder and I can try the sleeved version. The fact that there's that versatility to it for sleeves or no sleeves is just awesome. The fact that you don't pre-bend the coin way before the performance, and it is their coin, they sign in their own hands just moments before you hand it back bent,.. is also awesome!

    Price tag for this is affordable, Ellusionist shipping is super fast, just buy it!

  2. by James Mac Arthur

    Nov 2013

    This effect is incredible. It is fairly simple to do, and gets incredible reactions. Spectators have no answer to what they have witnessed. Buy it.

  3. by Andrew Stillwell

    Nov 2013

    Considering the strenth of the effect,along with it's very reasonable price two words best sum up superman 2.0..... BUY NOW. A.Stillwell

  4. by Benny

    Jun 2013

    Love Superman 2.0! Having it equipped for both sleeves and sleeveless performance is just amazing. I've used it a few times, and the spectators all thought I had already bent coins I'm switching theirs with, even when it's a signed coin! :/ Nonetheless, most will ask for you to bend more, and as much tempting as it seems, that does have its ups and downs. Overall, go buy it, don't hesitate and be prepare to amaze!

  5. by Daniel

    Apr 2013

    I used it at a gig yesterday, spectators loved it. Very practical, strong and no reset. I had to change the handling to fit me but it is still very easy to perform. It s in my n1 set ;)

  6. by sullivan case

    Mar 2013

    Great effect, just should have a DVD, not an instruction work sheet.

  7. by Marty

    Mar 2013

    When i first saw this trick i really thought it was more difficult than it was!! Super easy and no one has caught me yet, haha.. Great performance and impromptu trick u can perform anywhere at anytime... Only downside is i would say the gimmick used could last a little longer in my opinion paint on it etc..

  8. by Jason Penshorn

    Mar 2013

    Quality item and people love the fact that they get to keep the coin after you bent it. Impresses adults more than the kids.
    One more thing, Add to Cart

  9. by Miguel Castellanos

    Feb 2013

    Very nice device. I love the effect. I think that a video will help to perform in a better way.

  10. by Richard Beck

    Mar 2012

    I just recieved the Superman 2.0 and I have allready used it three times and every time the audience don't believe their eyes. Everyone should get this little thing if they, like me are just starting out!

    It comes with great instructions and I have allready tried both listed versions of the trick and it worked smoothly each time.

    There is room for improvement on this product though, but I will not list it here...can't give away too much :-)

  11. by Roi Ben Ami

    Jul 2011

    after i found out how the magic is done, i was sure no one was going to fall for that.

    well guess what? its so simple it's impossible to reveal. simply genius, gets them every time!

    they're sure im like jesus or something.

  12. by Nick Barbarino

    Dec 2009

    I have had this trick for a couple years and NO ONE, NO ONE, I repeat....NO ONE has figured it out. Do this trick right and you will be a legend. Do it with a signed coin and they will treat you like a god. Add to cart. Genius trick. simple, yet effective. More or less 100% ANGLE PROOF if you do it right. Add to Cart NOW!

  13. by J.R. Sloan

    Oct 2009

    I have ordered many things from ellusionist and this is the only one I have ever reviewed. I felt a need to tell people how amazing this trick is. I would have happly paid twice this as the trick is incredible and people are speechless when they get to keep the coin because this proves you really did bend the coin. Simply put BUY NOW it's worth the money.

  14. by Jonathan Sywulka

    Oct 2009

    This is one of the few effects you can leave the audience with a permanent piece of magic they can keep forever!

  15. by Dan

    Jul 2009

    Great trick. can be done with or without sleeves.

  16. by Mark

    Jun 2009

    Easy to bend a penny and dime...but its harder to bend a quarter or nickel...overall its a good product.

  17. by Eddie

    May 2009

    Did this one for my wife!! She smiled shook her head and walked away, easy to use, practice in front of the mirror a couple of times, I do this trick every day, freaks out family and friends. Excellent, Magic at it`s Best!!! recommend this highly!!!

  18. by Billy

    Mar 2009

    I preformed the trick to a 13 year old teenager, and she grabbed the coin examined it and started walking away with out saying a word staring at it...

  19. by Timothy

    Mar 2009

    This is amazing Roy is a Genius. The Best coin bend in years.

  20. by George Bell

    Mar 2009

    ....Just received my SuperMan Bender with ANY PRODUCT made by the skillful hands of Roy Kueppers...this thing Rules....I've tried so many different gimmicks to bend a coin thru out the years...that my fingers are sore and my wife was P'O' ed over the HUGE amount of money spent.....NOT ANYMORE...I highly recommend this product...

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