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Rich has been writing on spectators for years. In fact, when he walked into the Ellusionist Studio to film the project, he walked up to Brad Christian and instantly tagged Brad.

Brad had no idea. No one EVER does. So, go forth and TAG people my friend. Let them be TAGGED.

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His effect is absolutely mindblowing. I used the method to have a spectator think of a word, have it appear on their arm, and then have it also be on everyone in the room's arm. It has been one of the greatest moments I have ever had in performing magic. -Matt Sconce

In this DVD you'll explore multiple street performances and break-downs by Rich in highlighted detail. By the time you are finished you'll be able to tag anyone with predictions, reveals, book test effects, and your phone number - ANYTHING! Psychological tips, NLP and interactive tests are included to enhance any of your mentalism. All reputation makers.

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  1. by Dave Williams

    Jan 2015

    Love it. Even if you never intend to Tag anyone it's worth at least the cost of buying to get all the tutorials on using un-gimmicked books for mentalism/magic book tests. This covers more, and better, book test methods than the book test chapter in Corinda's 13 Steps

  2. by Yusuke Honda

    Mar 2014

    The DVD is great and RF goes over everything you need to know. But I must say that this effect isn't for everyone especially if you are new to magic.


    Jan 2014

    RF covers everything in this video. someone in the reviews said that the gimmick is expensive, that's not true. it will cost you less 10 bucks

  4. by mike t

    Nov 2013

    After the set up I did this to my "Guinea pig"(who I always test my stuff out on so she gets used to it) and she got chills and goosebumps. This trick is great, and Rich goes into amazing detail to ensure your success.

  5. by James Mac Arthur

    Nov 2013

    This may be THE BEST trick I've EVER purchased. With some practice this effect will be your favorite, it's mine for sure. Don't hesitate to buy this.

  6. by Ryan

    Nov 2013

    Its simplicty and beauty make this a must buy! Easy to learn yet powerful in its design. This will literally make people scream when they see you perform this miracle!

  7. by Seth Miracle

    Nov 2013

    I am blown away by tagged! Rich has taken it to a whole new level on this one. The effect itself is killer not to mention all the stuff with books on the DVD. If you really want something wicked this is the one.

  8. by luke kent

    Nov 2013

    i love this trick the predictions are great u dont even have to tag them to get a good reaction . the forces are awesome and the method behind the trick is great last night i did a mentalism trick and tagged my first person they freaked out Thanks

  9. by Jake Miller

    Nov 2013

    This is an amazing effect that is in fact reputation making. The effect by itself without even doing the "tag" is amazing. Rich teaches amazing mentalism effects that I have performed without the tag at the end, and they are amazing without it, but with the tag, the effect looks like a real miracle. Very very good trick. Add to cart

  10. by Luis Olivares

    Nov 2013

    Tagged is a very amazing effect,I can't enough how much I recommend this effect! Out of all the reactions I've had with my magic, Tagged takes the cake! I literally made a girl tear up and begin to have a few tear drops fall down her face. Rich teaches everything you need to know about this effect, and how to perform it and get the best reactions possible. What I love about this effect is the freedom! I can go on and on about this effect, but enough talk. BUY IT NOW!

  11. by Rey John

    Nov 2013

    One word......UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!...............not sure if I spelled that right :P

  12. by tyler ball

    Nov 2013

    this is a awesome trick and very easy to do and this is a very cool trick so buy it now!!!

  13. by matti weinberg littman

    Nov 2013

    rich is amazing!!!!!!such a great trick and so simple...iv already performed a feww times and i just couldnt belive the reactions!!!......its worth the price..
    seems way underpriced!!!

    buy it!!!

  14. by Brandon kerr

    Nov 2013

    one of the best tricks i've EVER preformed

  15. by Ammon Loveless

    Nov 2013

    This is great. The method of tagging someone is simple, but the DVD does so much more than just teach the method. Rich teaches everything you need to know to blow someone's mind with this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  16. by Samuel Mallamaci

    Nov 2013

    just do it.

  17. by Mark

    Nov 2013

    I bought this expecting it to be some really complicated method and set up, I was completly amazed by the method. The only downside to this amazing trick is the gimmick and where to get it. Once you've made it and performed it well, you'll think, boy that was really worth the time money and practice, the reactions you get are so worth it.

    Get it now!

  18. by Dan Barker

    Nov 2013

    This trick takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience. The video is extremely thorough though. Just sit back and pay attention. Rich Ferguson goes over every aspect in fine detail. If you're a beginner you might want to take extra time honing the "pushthrough" of this illusion. It really pays off once you get it down. Practice practice practice. Thanks Ellusionist! And Thanks Rich Ferguson!

  19. by abhinav agarwal

    Nov 2013

    shah!!! i was happy on seeing the simplicity and effectiveness of the trick...something so simple is so versatile....but unfortunately the gimmick supplies are not easily available.... u have to buy it separately from another website....

  20. by vhjvavh ghsjfghr

    Nov 2013

    Incredible trick... you will blow peoples minds. With Tagged you are minutes ahead of the spectator. If you have the supplies the gimmick takes 5 minutes to construct. Idid Tagged to my 85 yr old grandpa and he stood there for 10 minutes starring at his arm then I guessed his word another 5 times.

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