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The final word in Gaffed playing cards.

52 playing cards imagined from the minds of Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. Their goal, to build miracles that haven't seen the light of day. You've never held in your hands gaffed playing cards of this quality.

But what is a 'gaffed' deck, you ask? Simply, these are cards that fit quietly with your normal red Bicycle deck that allow you to perform miracles you could never otherwise do.

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  1. by ORI FREUND

    Oct 2015

    I think this is the best gaff deck ever! I love the box and the cards too! The tricks are all wonderful and they are no where to be seen in any other gaff deck! Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchin made this deck awesome! They did a great job of making this deck! Amazing ideas and tricks, and I would love to meet one of them or both of them! This product had them to design the cards in 3 weeks, the cards got printed, and then they had 2 weeks to work with the cards. #BEST GAFF DECK EVER MADE!!!!

  2. by James Mac Arthur

    Jun 2013

    This is a great gaff deck. Things are in this deck that are not in any other gaff deck out there. Tons of original and great ideas.

  3. by Louis Komodromou

    Mar 2013

    Has to be my most loved gaff deck reasonen being is that it has so much power and some of the reactions you can get are unreal

  4. by Adrian Honcharov

    Aug 2012

    This is the best Gaff deck i have ever seen !

  5. by Aaron

    Jun 2012

    The product is amazing. a few of the card are a darker red then a normal deck while others are normal which I find kindof wierd. BUT NO ONE NOTICES maybe its becuase as a magician I notice it more. Only issue is a bunch of people figure out that they are special cards to do a trick and get suspisous. Overall: Great tricks, great cards, perfect purchase and would buy again!

  6. by Kyle Hedrick

    Feb 2012

    THESE ARE THE BEST CARDS I HAVE EVER BOUGHT! I HAD INSANE REACTIONS! These are the best gaffs out there no comparison.

  7. by Haiden Henderson

    Jan 2012

    I got the Ultra Gaff for christmas and I' ve gotten stunning reactions. Definitely one of the best gaff decks, great job to Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, and Jason Brumbalow.

  8. by Haiden Henderson

    Jan 2012

    I got the Ultra Gaff for christmas and I' ve gotten stunning reactions. Definitely one of the best gaff decks, great job to Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, and Jason Brumbalow.

  9. by Darren Zhou

    Dec 2011

    By far the best Gaff Deck by Ellusionist. Effects like Parallel are so simple/direct, and some of these gaff cards allow you to do amazing things when used correctly within your routines. By no means should these cards be used as an opener, if you use these correctly you'll present a miracle your spectators will never forget.

  10. by Mark Leverett

    Dec 2011

    I have used this deck so many times now. The possibilities are completely endless. It has been awhile since I bought this deck but it is so worth the money. I wish I bought it sooner. I have people asking me all the time to re-perform tricks just so they can watch it again. With the way this deck is designed I was able to come up with my own routines to amaze people. The UltraGaff deck is one of the best magic purchases I have ever made.

  11. by Kieran Porter

    Nov 2011

    This deck and DVDs are the number one on the market. Nothing beats it.

  12. by fredrick lee

    Oct 2011

    These cards are one of the best things i got on this website or anywhere. This really twists the mind of spectators and astonishes them far beyond any card gaff deck (aside from arcane gaff) I came up with so many routines with this deck and Im sure you will too.

  13. by Dylan Brewer

    Oct 2011

    i think the deck is the best. i amazed my family and friends. thanks for creating ultra gaff.

  14. by Robert Arruda

    Sep 2011

    I'm still in elementary school,but I'm in fifth grade and use these like a pro.I've gotten screams,laughs and all around "HOLY S***"s.These are incredible.Completely worth the price.I love these

  15. by Jordan Doust

    Sep 2011

    these cards have literally taken my magic to a whole new level i have blown kids and adults away every day at least 6 people ask me to show them magic now

    a great peice of art by the best artist of them all

  16. by Josh Hector

    Aug 2011

    ive alwayswanted it im never gonna loose it

  17. by mikeal lowery

    Jul 2011

    i cannot even review this because it is impossible to describe in words.

  18. by Louis

    Jun 2011

    I actually perform and love performing several tricks from this deck.
    Crime- Doesn't get the best reactions but inside you could tell they think it's AWESOME! I love performing this, very easy and fun.

    Angels- How could you not, it looks so good and clean. Mind-blowing, i perform it often.

    Dead Cell- Insane reactions. Countless times I get"Do the battery trick!!!" You obviously need batteries but it's more than worth it. Perform it regularly as well.

    What Lies Beneath- Least favorite of those I perform, but i still perform it because it's simple, easy and hard-hitting.

    Facade- I always have a deck and my wallet, which means i can always do this effect whenever i want. Oh and by the way, they will never figure this out.

    $90 is expensive but I got 3 killer effects and 2 simple and hard-hitting ones, so i think its worth it.

    I occasionally perform Runaway, Crowded, Second Chance, and Parallel here and there.

  19. by rick rude

    Jun 2011

    i just opened the deck to check out all the gaffed cards, i came across the splattered 9 of spades and without hesitation said "9 of spades?" and slapped the card. my girl friends 2 year old daughter was climbing all over and already placing the white arcane and black ghost deck on top of my head to see if she could balance them, and when i slapped the gaffed 9 of spades she started laughing soooo hard, im not sure why but i loved it so i slapped it again and she started laughing so hard she couldnt even catch her breath lol she LOVED it, she couldnt get enough of it, she wanted to play with the gaffed card too! this magical moment with her alone was worth the cost of the deck!! keep up the good work guys!!

  20. by Rafael Araujo

    May 2011

    This deck is POWERFUL!!
    The fusion of the two most creative magician minds, Daniel Garcia and Wayne houchin have created the most effective and powerful gaff the of the history!
    This deck can make miracles, it take very very powerful reactions from people because they don`t expect such diferent and creative effects.
    There are many things that you can do with the technology of this deck and it worst the price.

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