UltraGaff Deck - Gaffed Bicycle Playing Cards


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The final word in Gaffed playing cards.

52 playing cards imagined from the minds of Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. Their goal, to build miracles that haven't seen the light of day. You've never held in your hands gaffed playing cards of this quality.

But what is a 'gaffed' deck, you ask? Simply, these are cards that fit quietly with your normal red Bicycle deck that allow you to perform miracles you could never otherwise do.

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  • by Robert Arruda

    Sep 2011

    I'm still in elementary school,but I'm in fifth grade and use these like a pro.I've gotten screams,laughs and all around "HOLY S***"s.These are incredible.Completely worth the price.I love these
  • by thekalby

    Mar 2010

    Go a head and buy yourself a deck. It's 30 dollars but it's worth it!
  • by MagicShadowMasters

    Mar 2010

    I recomend this

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