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Shuffle a deck, have a card selected and you've just started what will become the most talked about effect for a long time. Use an ordinary piece of wire to divine a spectator's selected card, and no one will be able to figure out how you did it.

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 Use a little hot liquid to trigger the wire, or attract attention and use flash paper to reveal the card. Bar magicians even use alcohol and a match to finish the effect. How's that for a stunning card trick!

You can use wiregrams over and over again. People will often want you to "do it again" so we recommend getting more than one for the times this happens. They'll never be able to figure out how you did it, and it will look like real magic.

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  1. by van nguyen

    Mar 2012

    Wiregarm is a convinient and convincing trick Buy it!

  2. by jacob roggan-smith

    Jan 2012

    When i got this i was amazed by how 1 bit of wire could do something so amazing. I got such good reactions.. until after about the 15th time i used the gimmick, the gimmick stopped working fully... the 8 of hearts didnt form as well as it should. But Ellusionist are so good, they are shipping me a new one. This may have been just bad luck. YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!

  3. by Ahraz Rangoonwala

    Dec 2011

    The price for each was a bit high, but besides that, one of the best tricks I have ever purchased.

    When done properly, everything can be examined, before and after the effect, and you might not even need to do any switches. This is an effect for both beginners, and intermediate-advanced performers. Far as I'm concerned, this is a great mentalism effect, as well as for geek magic.

    I recommend Wiregrams to everyone, and all of them are worth it, for repetition purposes. I have been considering buying this for over 5ive years, and I do not regret in the least that I finally got it. =D


  4. by Cameron Gislason

    Sep 2011

    These are very cool but their time of use can be limited. Finding a way to pull them out can be tricky. If you can achieve all of these they are great but do have a limited life if not handled with care, they will slowly take on their intended shape less accurately the more they are used, and the more 'wrinkled' they are stored.

  5. by Bodane Hatten

    Jun 2011

    Of all the magic i perform i always get asked at the end. 'That thing with the wire was just amazing!' And many times the wire through chinese whispers gets turned into a paperclip, hairpin and many other things that makes it seem so much more impossible. If you are looking for that one trick to impress and can carry it on you at all times this is the one.

  6. by Jason Sollenberger

    Feb 2011

    The impact is in the street litterally. I used a couple of these i let them lay in the street near me till im ready. then bam an effect that acts as a perfect closer. no matter the trick the wiregrams steal away almost everything that happened before hand. You have to be good to compete with this tool.

  7. by HARRY CAIN

    Oct 2010

    Great reactions, but very overpriced. With so many people struggling financially why not lower the cost of some tools we use in our routines? Many of us have lowered our pricing for shows so we can at least get work but the cost of things that we need in the shows never seem to accomodate. I'm happy with purchasing and making my own for much less.

  8. by Shaun Haider

    Oct 2010

    These are amazing simple.... It works itself

  9. by Cody Lawrence

    Aug 2010

    These things are great. I just keep mine around my wrist like a bracelet. No one expects what's going to happen at all. There's really nothing that can go wrong. I've done it with fire, in a coffee shop with hot water, etc. and it gets great reactions.

  10. by stephan

    Apr 2010

    so simple, yet extremely powerful. The spectators have no idea what you are doing until it is too late. When using a lighter, many people don't even see the wire changing until the change is complete. The slower the better when using a lighter/match, and if you can make just the number or the suit of their card appear first, make it a two-step production.

  11. by Douglas Hunnington

    Dec 2009

    When people talk about tricks they’ve seen me do before this is always brought up as one that amazed everyone. I like using it with other routines like an ambitious card or something where we have been making the spectators card come up several times. Using fire gets people’s attention! And using a piece of wire to reveal their card just seals it.
    At one house party I forced a card on the host and asked them to remember it, I then handed him a piece of wire to put in his shirt pocket “to help him remember” I told him to think of the card from time to time and then rub the wire in his pocket. I did several tricks for other people and kept pointing at him and asking him if he remembered his card. He would rub his pocket and say yes. I then caught him a few minutes later outside with a group of people around the pool with tiki torches going. I had him take the wire and pass it through the fire of the tiki torch. He about died! I had not touched the wire since I gave it to him, he never told me the card “there was just no way!” He was blown away! He told everyone what had just happened and of course they wanted me to do it again. So I switched wires had one of the hot girls draw a card, I held her other hand to loan her my magic as she passed the wire through the tiki torch flame and the wire changed this time to the 3 of Hearts. And she and I had spent most of the night talking and laughing it up between the occasional trick here and there.

  12. by Patrick S

    Jul 2009

    Wiregrams are awsome! They're very simple and require no sleight of hand. I have showed all my friednds this trick and have gotten the best reactions.

  13. by Tony Virelli

    Jul 2009

    These are the coolest things I have ever owned. This trick works so well that even if your presentation was bad, people still are in awe. I suggest picking up some flash paper for this trick! Also by far I love the 8 of hearts, because it has been the cleanest looking that I have seen.

  14. by nicholas lim

    Jun 2009

    they simply blow people's minds away!! easy to do,requires little o no setup..amazing stuff..

  15. by Matthew Avila

    Jun 2009

    I love these wires I bought all of them and I don't think I will ever regret buying them.

  16. by Jack Ramirez

    Jun 2009

    it blew my friends away

  17. by Tyler Nichols

    Jun 2009

    I was hanging out at school, after school one day. I had already gained a reputation around school as a magician, so when I small group of kids came up to me and asked me to do something, I wasn't sure what I would do as I normally plan out a small routine, but than I remembered that I had two wiregrams and some flashpaper with me. I did the first one with that small group and they were blown away. Then everybody else wanted to see the trick, so now with a group of at least 50 kids around me, I did it again with a different wiregram. You should have heard the shouts and the overall reaction, I was like a King there for the next month!

  18. by Ralf Jones

    Mar 2009

    Wiregrams are one of the best magic tricks i have ever seen.

  19. by Jason Brumbalow, TX

    Mar 2009

    By far one of the most overlooked effects in visual magic. I carry these everywhere. There is no substitue for a wire bending to a pre-chosen card or number while it is in the spectators hand... I even let the spectator heat the wire which only makes them freak out even more. There are so many applications to this effect that are not brought to attention. I'd like to see a wiregram DVD training. I'm sure the ideas would be incredible. Bottom line... Wiregrams are a slayer.

  20. by Akex

    Mar 2009

    If James Bond had a magic trick, I'm pretty sure that this would be it. Wiregrams are fantastic.

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