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The M5 System makes you feel like you can perform real magic. You can use the system to create eerie, effective results, but it is advised that you have a knowledge of how to present magic with showmanship.

If you are 12 years old and are just starting out, please do not purchase the kit. The best thing for you will be How To Do Street Magic . If you've been in magic for a bit or feel you have a decent understanding of showmanship and psychology, please read the page. You're into a very good thing.

Full Overview


The basic kit which includes various accessories, the M5 unit, and a great booklet teaching many tricks and routines. The second version is the upgraded combo kit which includes everything in the first kit, plus more accessories and tools to use with your M5.

Here is what the BASIC M5 KIT includes...

    •1 neo-M5, 2 X 2 inches, half an inch thick - the most powerful in the world.

    •The Psycho-Kinetics Book by Chuck Leach, teaches OVER 70 illusions and tricks

    •2 Brass Rings

    •Shimmed Wooden Match

    •Shim shell coin

    •Shim materials

    •1 custom wrist strap that fits your M5 perfectly

    BONUS: Brad Christian's amazing notes on the M5 and how to use it on the street for effective results - INCLUDED FREE

    BONUS: Access to the protected Forum discussing M5 techniques to gain maximum results including tips and ideas from around the world

The basic version also comes with Brad Christian's Full Pro M5 Notes that will save you months of trial and error with the M5. These are currently free, included as a bonus with either kit.


No matter which kit you select, you will gain free access to the coveted and valuable M5 USERS DISCUSSION FORUM on the Ellusionist web site. The only one of its kind in the world, the M5 Forum contains a wealth of information from users who live in all parts of the globe. Any question you could possibly think of has been answered here, and the Forum is packed with ideas and reports of real-life results achieved by users who own the M5. This thing is amazing. GO FOR IT...


The M5 is a spectacular device and one that you will carry with you always. The item is not ever seen by the audience, but allows you to perform miracles as if you were a real magician. Once you understand the psychology of how the M5 works (read Brad's notes that are free in the kit, or purchase them separately for $17) you will be creating your own miracles on a daily basis. Order your M5, today.



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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Louis

    Jul 2016

    Maybe some people found success with the M5 but I didnt. I found that it, well, doesn't really work. I was extremely excited to just be able to stop a watch, I would've paid the entire price just for that! But unfortunately, my magnet wasn't strong enough to stop any watch unless the magnet was DIRECTLY on top or beneath it. I tried putting the M5 on my leg, but it wouldn't reach through any table. I shimmed a playing card, and the magnet wasn't strong enough to move a playing card.

    Its big and bulky and just not worth it. The most I got out of the purchase was The Raven, which is 10x better

  2. by AJ Counsil

    Feb 2014

    I bought it all when i purchased this. The things you are taught with this are fairly good and what material i liked i used. i have non gimmicked ways of doin most of the tricks but this helps you focus and develop performance and style. i would definitely purchase this all over again.

  3. by Anthony Gonzalez

    Jun 2013

    Great product absolutely wonderful ..... So many things you can do with this and if you add your own touch and creativity the possibilities are endless ... I think its a great and I product never leave home without it! I recommend it!

  4. by David Borland

    Jun 2013

    Wow, The applications are endless and the reactions received from using the M5 are almost unmatched. Highly recommended.

  5. by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    Soo cool,

  6. by michael blau

    May 2013

    Love this soooo much. Get it now and you will know why you have been missing out. 1000000/ 10.

  7. by Michel Pete

    May 2013

    Hello all. This is my experience with the M5. Hope my English will be good enough. Got my M5 a few weeks ago. Some of the stuff has no much use outside the USA. It took me a fair amount of time to sow so it is properly secured. The M5 works extremely well however you need to use it sparsely.
    ie. If i go to a party or restaurant I carry nails with the heads cut of and will stick them in for example gherkins, ball bearing in Olives etc. Stopping watches work a treat, sticking forks etc...wear it every day and after a while you forget it is there and you are always ready to do miracles but I think you need to use some imagination so it does not look like you can only do stuff with metal. Well worse the money. A bientot tous les magiciens

  8. by michael blau

    Apr 2013

    I really love this tool. There are so many ways you can use it. I also suggest to get the pro kit because the basic is nothing special. i am excited to take it to the streets. I can tell that I wont through it in my magic box and never touch it. For all you guys who have it or are thinking of buying it then I have two things to say. BUY IT, and I do not suggest to preform the flipping coin. I feel like it gives away a lot or some clues to how its done but, don't worry, it still has a lot of potential. I love the watch stoping and the haunted deck. Also don't use it to vanish coins, thats the raven's job and we as magicians should keep it that way.

  9. by Jon E.H.

    Jan 2013

    I have to say, I love this product. Aside from a deck of cards, the M5 is the only thing I always have on me. Never had any problems, save for one incident in which I got stuck to the railing on my stairs. Great product.

  10. by Gabriel Hansell

    Dec 2012

    This is a very good product that has nearly unlimited uses if you get your mind to it. It produces great reactions and you can figure out how to use it well almost instantly. The reason why it is only 4 stars is because you will almost never want to use it for a stage performance and it will eventually end up in your little magic drawer where you keep all the gear you don't use. IF you do get it make sure to get the pro kit with it, it adds a lot to it, also make sure to get both of the teaching vids. They bring some great tricks (Nine Inch Nails Is my favorite) and they get some ideas in your head

  11. by Caleb Malcom

    Apr 2012

    My m5 arrived today. I've wanted it for sometime and finally decided to get it with the pro pak. I also purchased the tactic videos but haven't opened those yet. Just sitting at my dinning room table playing with is making me so utterly pleased and full of inspiration. I'm looking forward to once I get it setup how I want to taking it out into the world.

  12. by Scott DuBois

    Feb 2012

    Hey everyone. I was extremely skeptical about buying this many years ago but took a risk and it was worth it! I use this constantly everywhere. I also picked up Pure Smoke recently and combined it with the M5 and seriously, Telekinesis hasn't been more magical!
    If you hesitate you can easily talk yourself out of it... Don't hesitate because the moment you finally get to use this and Pure Smoke you'll realize why you were left behind.

  13. by Brennan Hodge

    Feb 2012

    A very versatile tool for sure. Takes a bit of getting used to. Im glad i bought the dvds too. The torn and restored cigarette is a great trick possible with this tool.I stand by ellusionist saying dont buy it if your twelve. You wont be able to use it to its full potential. It hides well but you can still give the secret away if you present tricks poorly.

  14. by Daniel Harris

    Jan 2012

    I have owned the M5 for a few years now and love it. I break it out every now and then (More in the Winter). I have used it at Birthday party's, gone out to for dinner with friends. The coin swap is always the catcher. Although I am in Australia, I still use American money since I am American as it's a good conversation starter.

    I used the watch trick at a 50th Birthday Party which ended in squeals from the people involved. Had 7 people huddled around the person that volunteered their watch.

    it's great and I look forward to doing more!

  15. by Hector Yesid Abril Molina

    Jan 2012

    I received my M5 kit and I can say It`s nice, you can perform great effects if used properly, but for the high price of the pro kit you`d expect at least some velcro to hold the wrist strap that holds the M5, but it`s disrespectful to add a safety pin to hold it something that costs 1 cent; so if you wanna use it and to extend the life of your wrist strap I highly recommend not to hold the wrist strap with the safety pin or you could tear the strap, instead buy some velcro and sew it yourself, be careful with those little details Ellusionist team, it is really dissapointing

  16. by Adam Linscott

    Jan 2012

    This is seriously not for beginners!! I bought this about 3 months after I first started learning magic thinking from the video that this was going to be really easy to do. When I got it I was very disappointed at how difficult it was to use. But don't be put off, if you are willing to put in the effort to practice and come up with your own ideas you can create GREAT magic. I now use the M5 all of the time, it's great!

  17. by Jessie Norton

    Dec 2011

    I got tis For Christmas And Its Amazing Atittle Diffucult To Master At First But In The End Is Wonderful I Completly Recomend This Over A PK Ring. Nothing Has The Power This Dose... Its So Strong When i got Out Of My moms Car I got Stuck To The Car And It Was Hard To get Off!

  18. by tanner Bowls

    Dec 2011

    Brad is right in the demo video this is a real magician standing right behind you. It is amazing. The reason for 4 stars is beacause of the custom wrist strap. The instructions say you need to BUY velcro and sew it on and I dont know how to sew. Besides that The M5 is awesome. I just use Duct tape instead of velcro. In one hour I was performing mircales to my family great product ADD TO CART.

  19. by Jason Arcement

    Sep 2011

    best thing on this website

  20. by Alan Mc Donald

    Jun 2011

    Overpriced piece of crap, not meaning to sound rude but I bought this when it originally came out on E at a higher price.
    It was my Christmas present from Mum and Dad and I had waited months for it and couldn't wait for it to arrive.
    On Christmas morning I quickly ran down stairs and headed straight for the box I thought it was in, opened it up and sighed.
    All that money for this? The first thing that entered my mind while my hopes crumbled.
    I spent a few years playing about with it, creating tricks etc but tbh it was a pain to use, especially when you heard a loud bang and you have to wait till everyone leaves before you can, literally.
    The gimmick was too large for my body and tbh even now as a fully grown adult it still is, though I am quite thin.
    Anyway I felt like I wasted my time learning the tricks and creating new ones, I felt like I wasted my parents money and tbh I felt guilty about it. Now I'm older I realise if anyone should feel bad it should be Ellusionist.
    Over hyped, over priced and oversized.
    Ps. please don't tell me the M stands for Micro!

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