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The M5 System makes you feel like you can perform real magic. You can use the system to create eerie, effective results, but it is advised that you have a knowledge of how to present magic with showmanship.

If you are 12 years old and are just starting out, please do not purchase the kit. The best thing for you will be How To Do Street Magic . If you've been in magic for a bit or feel you have a decent understanding of showmanship and psychology, please read the page. You're into a very good thing.

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The M5 is available in two different versions. The first is the basic kit which includes various accessories, the M5 unit, and a great booklet teaching many tricks and routines. The second version is the upgraded combo kit which includes everything in the first kit, plus more accessories and tools to use with your M5.

If you choose the ramped-up version you'll ALSO get a Raven (value $23) included free with your Kit. Raven is the trick David Blaine performed on national television in which he caused a quarter to cleanly vanish on a boy's hand. We'll put this valuable gift into your box as well at absolutely no cost, just for upgrading to the Pro Version.

Here is what the BASIC M5 KIT includes...

    •1 neo-M5, 2 X 2 inches, half an inch thick - the most powerful in the world.

    •The Psycho-Kinetics Book by Chuck Leach, teaches OVER 70 illusions and tricks

    •2 Brass Rings

    •Shimmed Wooden Match

    •Shim shell coin

    •Shim materials

    •1 custom wrist strap that fits your M5 perfectly

    BONUS: Brad Christian's amazing notes on the M5 and how to use it on the street for effective results - INCLUDED FREE

    BONUS: Access to the protected Forum discussing M5 techniques to gain maximum results including tips and ideas from around the world

  • The PRO KIT includes everything in the BASIC KIT, plus...

      Shimmed Shell Coin: this coin can be made to 'vanish' or change into another coin. Wave your hand over the coin and the shell coin visibly vanishes and/or changes into another coin.

      Steel Core Coin: This examinable coin can be used for a variety of effects: vanishes, a bank night routine, psychic movement, etc.

      Shim Shell Blank Half Coin: This shell coin will fit over a half dollar. With a magnet concealed on your wrist, you can wave your hand/wrist over the coin and the blank half will visually 'mint' into a real half dollar.

      Expanded Coin Shim: Used by magicians to shim their own expanded half dollars.

      Shimming Supplies: Additional shim foil and wire for making your own shimmed playing cards, business cards, envelopes, etc.

  • •The Raven Coin Vanish Gimmick (a $23.85 value)

Both versions (basic and pro combo) come with Brad Christian's Full Pro M5 Notes that will save you months of trial and error with the M5. These are currently free, included as a bonus with either kit.


No matter which kit you select, you will gain free access to the coveted and valuable M5 USERS DISCUSSION FORUM on the Ellusionist web site. The only one of its kind in the world, the M5 Forum contains a wealth of information from users who live in all parts of the globe. Any question you could possibly think of has been answered here, and the Forum is packed with ideas and reports of real-life results achieved by users who own the M5. This thing is amazing. GO FOR IT...


The M5 is a spectacular device and one that you will carry with you always. The item is not ever seen by the audience, but allows you to perform miracles as if you were a real magician. Once you understand the psychology of how the M5 works (read Brad's notes that are free in the kit, or purchase them separately for $17) you will be creating your own miracles on a daily basis. Order your M5, today.



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