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Enter the Viper... black, reverse-image playing cards with a buffed, metallic SILVER finish. The Viper injects elegance and forceful authority into a deck that was already spectacular.

The technologically advanced Air Cushion Finish makes handling these cards a breeze and pure joy.

Full Overview

We've taken the standard Tally-Ho deck and improved the look, design and feel.

With the help of the USPCC, Ellusionist has produced one of the best looking and best feeling decks of cards available. Quality control experts at USPCC sat down and went over the production process of the Tally-Ho Viper in order to find out how to improve on the quality of the final product.

The results of that meeting produced the finest cards available to consumers. Thick stock resulting in a crisp clean snap to each card. Our Air Cushion finish with a smooth-as-silk feel, allow these cards to fan and be manipulated freely and easily.

And finally a beautiful new look. It's time to go metallic.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Levon .

    May 2016

    I apologise for my last review. I just didn't know that the actual card manipulation cards need to be paper based. Now I am handling them well. They are really perfect :)

  2. by Matthew Whittaker

    Feb 2014

    Love these cards. They handle the best! It is a shame that the Circle backs with the red pips were discontinued since red pips look better. But I love the look of the Fan backs as well. Definitely buy these cards!

  3. by Matthias

    Jan 2014

    The card are brilliant and the quality is outstanding. I live in Florida so the humidity destroys most of my cards, but so far the Viper deck has held out nicely.

  4. by Spades Slick

    Nov 2013

    The backs on this deck are simply amazing, and the metallicy ink makes it look and shine that much cooler. I actually keep theese cards in two cases at the same time so the box won't get damaged, let alone the cards.
    My only complaint that I have isn't even that much of a problem. The barcode reveal on the bottom (which I use all the time) has a white box around it: I am probably the only person who is annoyed by this because yeah.
    Anyway this deck is amazing. period.

  5. by Ryan Gallagher

    Nov 2013

    I LOVE the look of the fanbacks. The metallic ink sets this deck apart. They handle like something out of a dream. Amazing for cardistry. They look like they are going 100mph when they're just sitting in your hand!

  6. by Aaron Corob

    Oct 2013

    Extremely good cards they flow and are soo smooth almost too smooth and difficult to perform with but their not fans cuts n all work great with this dead I am very Impressed

  7. by Charles Chang

    Oct 2013

    I am in love with these cards. The feel of these cards and the looks of them are just amazing. These cards looks like a deck of cards that you would see in a magic show.

  8. by Nick Konyavsky

    Oct 2013

    Top 3 best cards for handling, they are just so slick and smooth and at the same time durable. Also, they look amazing.

  9. by Alexander Elliott

    Oct 2009

    Out of every deck i've ever had these are definately the best. The feel of these cards is unmatched, with their simple yet beautiful design, they are unlike any other deck i have ever performed with. Well done ellusionist, you've done it again.

  10. by Vanio Begic

    Oct 2009

    Man I heard a lot about these cards,and I would love one deck of these but I just got new cell phone so these have to wait until my birthday or so.To bad I live so far away from U.S and shiping is high.Here in Bosnia cards are crapy and they are totaly paper and they stick each to other and I must practice a lot do even the simplest of flourishes or tricks.You people are lucky to be able to go to magic shop and get good cards.So much from me

  11. by Viginesh Vaibhav

    Aug 2009

    This deck may be THE BEST deck of cards existing on earth.Everything about this deck is absolutely...........well, I don't have any words to express my happiness.It fans better than butter and it enhances your abilities to perform card magic.In short, I am literally speechless and stunned by this phenomenal deck.(When i say 'Phenomenal' I MEAN IT)

  12. by Sean Watson

    Jun 2009

    i bought these a while ago and have loved them for every minute. They feel excellent and the black edges dont seem to become white like the black tigers do

  13. by Jared Slaweski

    Jun 2009

    2 months ago i opened my Black Viper deck and was blow away by the smoothness and quality of the deck. I proceeded to make a perfect fan with the deck. Today, i found the Viper deck in a drawer, opened up the box, and did another fan. Know what was different? Nothing.

  14. by Pablo Perez Fernandez

    May 2009

    It is very cool for XCM

  15. by Julian

    Apr 2009

    i tried this deck at a magic shop but they were run out, i couldn't wait for them to restock so i bought them from E myself. three words, ADD TO CART!!

  16. by Josh Vinod

    Mar 2009

    The second i opened them i almost cried. It just felt like butter in my hands, cut smoothly, best fanning in the world and great possibilities with this quality. GET it if you need some good cards

  17. by Mr. Magic

    Mar 2009

    This deck is amazing.The circle back just look well.... amazing.These cards handle so good. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who does magic or flourishes.

  18. by Zeedub81

    Mar 2009

    They were right. These cards do feel like butter in some strange way. I love it. I have used them a lot and they still fan perfectly. Great job to ellusionist.

  19. by jordan

    Mar 2009

    This deck is awsome, they fan so good and the reversed design is beautiful, they handle excellent and feel like butter...I love this deck

  20. by Falcon

    Mar 2009

    I just got 6 fan backs for Christmas and they are simply beautiful. One of my favorite new decks

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