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Shuffle a pack of cards and then have someone pick any card they want. They throw the card back in and it is buried in the pack. Put the cards back in the card case and have someone hang onto it.

With you standing several feet away their chosen card levitates up out of the deck slowly, eerily. No threads, wires or magnets - all self-contained and easy to master.

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You could even set the cards on a table and cover them with a wine glass... the chosen card will still rise straight out of the pack. You can have three people pick cards and make all three chosen cards rise out of the pack one after the other. The possibilities are endless.

This deck is the highest quality on the market - be careful, there are cheaper versions that simply do not operate well... we've tested all of them thoroughly and chose this one for smoothness and beautiful ease of operation. With this stunning effect, you'll be armed with one of the most mind-blowing effects in magic.

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  1. by Nick Konyavsky

    Oct 2013

    I purchased this with a so-so opinion of this trick. I thought that people would catch how it is done, but to my surprise, no one knew. People said I was using my fingers but then I clearly showed I wasn't, and they were puzzled. I definitely recommend this.

  2. by Jim Williams

    Oct 2013

    Smooth rising. Can control speed which makes a more impressive rise.

  3. by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    Takes ''ghost'' to another level!

  4. by john holden

    Mar 2013

    Works well and will mystify and bring much joy to my friends and family

  5. by Tom Brucculeri

    Sep 2011

    Very good trick, easy to learn

  6. by Ryan H

    Jun 2010

    So, imagine this:
    1. You perform your ambitious card routine with a "Haunted Deck" (the Ghost Deck) which blows the socks off of your audience.
    2. Transition with the "torn and restored finish" off of "Crash Course 2."
    3. You misdirect your audience while dropping the card out of your shoe, pulling it out of your wallet, etc....
    4. Switch decks
    5. Perform the rising deck, with their ambitious (signed) card.
    6. Watch the crowd go crazy.

    Thoughts on the deck. (no spoilers)
    1. Looks just like the regular Ghost Deck with the exception of a different address on the side of the box (Erlanger, KY on my Ghost Deck; Cincinnati, OH on my Rising Ghost).
    2. Fantastic Gimmick that looks like it will last a long time.
    3. Gimmick is easy and CHEAP to maintain.
    4. What is better than a rising card from a phantom deck?

    Buy it, you won't be sorry.

  7. by Amanda Markle

    Jan 2010

    This deck is a particular favorite for parties- still working on presentation with this deck, but very worth while.

  8. by marius

    Nov 2009

    A very very good illusion works every time.You can amaze all of your friends and family a pretty awesome trick.

    thank you illusionist

  9. by Evan Hayenga

    Oct 2009

    The Ghost Decks are my favorite as it is next to the "Shadow Masters when I want to use black. I had an idea on how this trick was done as well as the gimmick and I was right on the nose. Need to take care of them and a little maintenance to keep them in top working order but a neat little addition to your "Ghost" decks. The point where the illusion actually takes place needs some practice to build it up with a little drama. It happens too quickly if you aren't careful. (you'll see what I mean) otherwise,..a great addition to my two regular "Ghost" decks, my "Invisible Ghost" deck and now my "Rising Ghost" deck. A little imagination will really improve the trick. No biggie!

  10. by jeff lundstrum

    Aug 2009

    i luv it it is the best deck in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. by Ammy

    Mar 2009

    best card deck in world

  12. by Christian Sens

    Mar 2009

    I think this is the coolest version of the Ghost Deck there is. I perfomed this trick many times now and it never gets old. I do this trick it still makes my heart beat faster....

  13. by Jimmy

    Mar 2009

    Best Quality. I am amazed this time Ellusionist. Thanks for another high-quality product.

  14. by Rob

    Mar 2009

    This deck is a very good deck to buy because it works right out of the pack.

  15. by Karpenter, Ellusionist Forums

    Mar 2009

    This trick virtually performs itself. Any more like this and I'm out of a job...

  16. by Adam

    Mar 2009

    It's definitely eerie to see this effect in action. Every time I perform it I even fool myself.

  17. by Darryl Vanamburg

    Mar 2009

    I just got back from a meeting with the managers at a local restaurant to see about entertaining on Wednesday nights. I showed the three managers this effect-- let's just say I start the gig tomorrow night . . . Amazing.

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