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The original Black Ghost deck did not enter the market except by private sale.

It was used by Ellusionist for only for special promotions and given as a gift to professionals such as Banachek, David Blaine, Garcia and others.

The decks easily commanded up to $400 on eBay as witnessed in one of the photos to the left...

Full Overview

The decks easily commanded up to $400 on eBay. Check out the image above (mouse over the thumbnails), with a bid of $450, taken April 20, 2008.

Now, after repeated requests for the Black Ghost (more than any product in Ellusionist history), we are releasing an improved 2nd Edition of the mega-hit deck. Look for beautiful fanning and luxury stock

The Jokers alone are a work of art and contain a Jack of Spades reveal that can be used with a Shapeshifter or Erdnase change..

Discounts available. Pick up a deck, or 12, today.


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Customer Reviews

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  1. by Bryan

    Aug 2016

    this deck is one of the best decks I have ever seen. Let alone use.

  2. by Jake

    Nov 2015

    This deck is awesome. I also got the white Ghost also and they are both awesome feeling and looking cards. The jokers are truly a work of art.

  3. by Tyler Lashley

    Apr 2014

    My favorite black deck that I own. The jokers always have spectators having a double look with the outstanding design. the overall handling of these amazing looking cards is great as well.

  4. by Jake Lott

    Apr 2014

    I really really love these cards. They are so amazing! The color is great. The spring these cards have is phenomenal & they can do a lot of stuff. My favorite thing about this deck is the Joker. I love the look and the tricks I can perform with them. People cannot believe that the Joker can pick there card! Thank you!

  5. by Steven Acuna

    Apr 2014

    These cards are more awesome in person than on the website. Product is amazing, service and shipping were exactly what I expected. I will defenitely order more from them in the future. Highly recommended!

  6. by Manuel C-B

    Apr 2014

    I absolutely love these cards and I think with exception of the cards that cannot be bought these are hands down the best playing cards you can get. I highly recommend these cards for everyone.

  7. by Mohanad Marwan

    Mar 2014

    One of my favorite decks ,, looks awesome ,, feels awesome ,, and it has that evil theme .. Simply Great ...

  8. by Aaron

    Mar 2014

    I play Speed, Kings Corners, 21, Super Speed and etc. Overall these cards are so awesome the smooth feel, the finish, its just great. They are worth the price

  9. by Steven Fyfe

    Mar 2014

    I love the looks of the jokers and the deck is great for fans and flourishes. I do the shapeshifter change for the reveal and it is great. My only reason for not giving a five star rating is that for some reason my jokers' edges have faded enough (in 2 weeks) that they look white in the deck. People think I have face up cards sometimes when I don't because of this.

  10. by Tyler

    Mar 2014

    These cards are amazing! They fan so nicely. Next im going to get shadow masters and my collection should be complete

  11. by Rui Santos

    Mar 2014

    The product is so good. And the shipping time was fast.
    5 in 5 for you guys!
    Amazing Thank you!

  12. by Alex Ott

    Feb 2014

    This is a great beginner to intermediate deck! the flourishes you can do! And the feel! The coating on these cards is outstanding! The only complaint I have is that I didn't buy more!

  13. by Max

    Jan 2014

    The deck handles great compared to the deck I was using before it is really worth the 7.99

  14. by Justin

    Jan 2014

    In 2010, I was playing a lot of Texas Hold 'Em, and simply wanted a black faced deck to play a game with, something to add a little bit of mystique and class to the table.

    In retrospect, it couldn't have hurt my chip count that my opponents were looking at the designs of cards more than worrying about the game itself...

    Enter Ellusionist.

    I bought a 3 deck sampler with Black Ghost, Shadow Masters, and White Arcanes. Each deck was simply beautiful, eye catching, unique, exactly what I was looking for - something different.

    4 years later, I find myself returning to my love of magic, flourishes, and sleights, and my collection of E decks has grown substantially.

    The original deck has the box a little mucked up. The sides of the cards are beginning to "chip," same as it eventally will with all black decks. You can see that they have been used, and I currently have 3 more BG's on order right now,..

    There is something cool about that particular deck. Maybe it's because it is what brought me to E to begin with. Maybe it's because at that point, I had never seen cards like these before. Whatever the reason - that deck is pretty "magical" to me, and it goes with me wherever I go, now.

    Don't bother buying 1. Get 3 at a minimum. You won't regret it.

  15. by Marcia

    Jan 2014

    Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loved them. Great quality and neat design. He wants a new pack every Xmas!

  16. by Heath Oldenberg

    Jan 2014

    Purchased these as a gift for my son, to support his growth. He loves them so much, he's working on new tricks that are 'good enough' to use these amazing cards!

    Personally, the detailing on these cards is just STRIKING with the black background, I think they're worth every penny!


  17. by aviel

    Jan 2014

    Love these cards, mine did come with a damaged box but the cards make up for that and the support i got from E made it fine.

  18. by Luke Arble

    Dec 2013

    Now you have to expect that they won't stay perfect forever, but these seemed to go downhill faster and I'm not too sure why, it might just be me but mine haven't stayed new for long, but don't get me wrong, they are still fantastic cards that I use almost everyday and never fail.

  19. by Ethan G

    Dec 2013

    I have been told by many people that this is the spookiest deck that I have. It is simply beautiful. The contrast makes the pips and face cards pop. Not to mention there is a special trick you can do with one of the "gaffed" jokers. You will not be sorry when you get this deck.

  20. by Brandon Blankenship

    Dec 2013

    Thank you for releasing a wonderful deck for my use and enjoyment. So amazing to handle and they elicit great responses from specs. Are almost a show all themselves.

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