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It's hard to imagine a magician who doesn't know about the stripper deck. Yet there are very few people who realize that it is one of the most under-utilized concepts conceived of in the psychology of magic.

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Your spectator freely picks a card from the deck and can put it back wherever he wants. He can even shuffle the deck with his own hands if he wants to. You will still be able to find his card without fail.

Your audience will never suspect that it doesn't matter what card is chosen. You don't need to control the card to the top or bottom - the subtlety of the Stripper Deck makes the moves invisible to the eye, because they are so NATURAL.

THIS DECK IS MAGIC. Magic so simple, yet so incredible that the possibilities are endless. Properly used, a stripper deck has the potential to be the strongest 'prop' that you will ever own.

Available in All-White or White & Red pips.

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