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These sleek black wristband are not only functional (if looking good can be considered a function), they also support a good cause. Helping you look great.

Grab one or more today.

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  1. by Nickolas Wooden

    May 2014

    This band is cool. I wish it wasn't jammed up in a little zip lock bag. It made it all bent up and I haven't got it to be completely circular yet and I have been wearing high up on my arm trying to stretch it out for about a month now. Even stretched it around a glass for a couple hours a few times and its still oval shaped. Other than that I dig it!

  2. by Dominic Lara-Detitto

    Jan 2014

    The band looks and feels great! It was a bit bent up when I first got it, but it smoothed out over time.

  3. by Mitchell Moore

    Jul 2013

    I really like the look of this, though it came to me in the mail pressed the wrong way -_- I now have it under some books trying to bend the rubber band back to it's regular position so I can wear it properly. I'm still giving it five stars because I like the look, and it is comfortable still. Once I get it creased properly it will be perfect :) Thanks again!

    -Mitchell Moore

  4. by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    I wear this everyday and people always ask what it means. It's a great ice breaker to introduce your ability to do magic!

  5. by Chris Sargent

    Apr 2013

    I really like this a lot! Its a nice bracelet to wear out.

  6. by Joel Luna

    Apr 2013

    I love the flat black look on this thing! People will often ask what does it say, and then you hit em with a magic trick ! Great way to open a set

  7. by Richard Brealey

    Mar 2013

    A very nice and simple wristband which fits snugly around my wrist, there's not much to say other than it will be another point of interest for your audience. I'd suggest this as a gift for a friend who's into magic and appreciates what the wristband signify's.

  8. by Steven Johnson

    Mar 2013

    Don't know what it is about these types of bracelets, but kids love them. Purchased 2 (1 for son, 1 for daughter) and they wear them everywhere. Took off one star due to price. On the flip side, my kids are no longer wearing their fitness pool access bracelets (which cost $10-$15 to replace) so I guess you could consider it saving money.

  9. by Bruce Lu

    Jan 2013

    I love this black band on my wrist especially when people ask me to show my hand clear :)

  10. by sarah wilson

    Dec 2012

    All of your custom designs, with your name are a HUGE hit! My son proudly shows off EVERYTHING! This along with the Ellusionist patches were practically his favorite Christmas gifts!! Thank you!!

  11. by sarah wilson

    Feb 2012

    very cool i do not have the black one but i have the red one i know they are same quility and i still have mine it has been about a year 5 stars

  12. by Matthew Messenger

    Feb 2012

    I got the Black Wristband and I really love the way it looks but my only problem is that I have thick wrists and it is a little to tight on my wrist. It is 7 1/2 inches around and my wrist is almost 8 so it is rather tight. All in all I think it is awesome and unique and HIGHLY recommend it to everyone if your wrist is not as big as mine.

  13. by Vince Henderson

    Feb 2012

    the ovwer all appearance of it was good and i liked it, but it needs just a little more. in the christmas giv away the logo and the words were in red and that really made in pop. If they would do that again but this time not have it just a holiday givaway they would makew so much more. that just covers the look, now the durability could be a little better. i took it off only twice and it snaped. i was kinda bumed but i cant to get more.

  14. by Simon Graves

    Oct 2011

    Amazing, i ordered this on Monday, September 05, 2011, and it's still going strong.
    Most people have said theirs have said theirs have snapped, don't let them put you off this fantastic band, it's about how you care for it, not just having it there.
    It looks great, look after it and it will look after you.

  15. by Jordan Doust

    Sep 2011

    this is ellusionist and this changes you from boring top hat magician to a real ellusionist adds some style to your casual look and the quality is tremendous best four dollas i ever spent

    but it was all bent but other than that it looks great

  16. by Johnny Chal

    Apr 2011

    Very nice and comfy wristband, simple yet pretty, will always make people ask you about it. It would be 5 stars if it was more durable. I ordered it twice and both times it snapped after a month or so.

  17. by Stefan

    Apr 2011

    It's a classic wristband, like many others with many other motives. The artwork is simple, but okay for me - those things life by simplicity after all. People are going to ask what's on the wristband, you'll have to explain and there is your chance blow their minds with a nice trick or two. Works like a charm.

  18. by Colton Sullivan

    Mar 2011

    Love this band, looks stylish, get's people to notice and an excuse to perform afterwards. An excellant accesory.

    My one complaint is in the shipping. It's packaged in a little bag about the size of an eraser and easily falls into the crevices of packaging. I threw it away on accident thinking E didn't send it to me (should've known better than to doubt them) had to fish it out later. Just make it more noticeable in the package

  19. by Bun Lay Bun Lay

    Sep 2010

    The band is cool and comfy to wear. The only thing lack in the wristband is the engraving on the band is not enough appealing the logo is too small and we need a better looking piece of art work into the wristband, for example like an Ace of the Black Ghost.

  20. by Heraldo Torres

    Jul 2010

    The band is really awesome! Love the way it looks, but how it came packaged: in a very small plastic bag, made the band very bendy when first putting it on, it wasn't a circle, it was like a rounded rectangle. But after putting it on something to unbend it, it's my favorite band i've ever worn.

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