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Note: if you're not too sure what an M5 is, please go to this page to see a trailer and read about it.

 The lack of M5 training in the current market is something we’ve long been aware of. These DVDs comes screaming across the gap to fill it.

We'll show what can happen when a master like Justin Miller gets a tool like the M5 into his hands.

This isn't another tired thread trick, this is the unraveling of basic perception based on a tool the spectator has no idea even exists. So lead your people into a lawless world... make them question what they believe.

If you ever really wanted magic powers, this is how to get them and still stay in this world.

Full Overview

M5 Training DVD by justin Miller  

M5 System Tactics and Training is two separate DVDs, Vol 1 and Vol 2 Advanced. 

Each DVD is 2 hours long and is taught by top professional Justin Miller.

Both DVDs are packed with real-world work on the street with superb training .  

The “M5 system” is a kit containing a gimmick that is unseen by the spectator.  It comes with several props and is available in the basic version or the turbo-charged pro kit.  The DVDs seen on this page do NOT automatically come with the kit which must be purchased separately.

You wear the M5 unit on you and it does the magic for you ---- you are the one however who must manage the movements and the presentation with the device.  You will also be the one who gets all the credit.


M5 tactics and training DVD

You must own the DVDs in order to make full use of your M5 kit.  If you own the M5 already and are performing tricks with it, the DVDs will supercharge your creativity.  In these DVDs the M5 is used in diabolical ways you have never thought of.

If you are a beginner with the M5, these DVDs will teach you everything you need to know about M5 work.  They will take you by the hand and walk you through every step of using the M5.  You’ll learn:

  1. How to hide the M5 effectively, including places on the body and off the body
  2. The psychological attitude you must have when performing with an M5
  3. You’ll learn incredible tricks with nails, cards, coins, cell phones, mentalism, keys, matches, cigarettes, and watches
  4. The effect the M5 has on electronics, what you can and can’t get away with

The kit itself is sold on a different page, pricing is below….

M5 Basic Kit - $89.95
M5 Turbo Pro Kit - $135.44


I already have the kit, just need the videos….

Buy Vol 1 by itself: $34.95
Buy Vol 2 by itself: $34.95

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Bundle both videos with any KIT : get $10 off the Kit automatically, AND still get the $5 off per video as shown above---------- (best deal)

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Credit note: "Sealed" was inspired by an effect by Anthony Miller

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Customer Reviews

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  1. by AJ Counsil

    Apr 2014

    The things you are taught with this are fairly good and what material i liked i used. i have non gimmicked ways of doin most of the tricks but this helps you focus and develop performance and style.

  2. by Inho Kim

    Feb 2013

    The M5 is great and Justin Miller is a great teacher. There is no doubt about that. This is a great starting point on learning how to use the M5!

  3. by Jonathan Phillips-Bradford

    Feb 2012

    My m5 sat in my closet for years being unused because I thought it was bulky and unpractical until I watched this DVD. I also learned so much more about The Raven. It is a must buy for anyone planning on doing any PK magic!!!

  4. by Arvin Louisse

    Oct 2010

    with the M5 and this training dvd, magic can now be spelled as W, O, W.

  5. by Phil Peterson

    Oct 2010

    The effects taught in the video are - for the most part - good. Two are great. Justin is an excellent, creative, conscientious teacher, even if he is a little slack in crediting / referencing sources for some of the sleights at times. He gives some excellent & very important presentation tips to which the viewer would do well to closely adhere. Kudos also go to Justin for pointing out that few of these are stand-alone effects.
    Having said that, Justin's teaching is unfortunately inhibited by sloppy editing, poor grammar (captions, not Justin) bordering on unintelligible, and a flaw in the second DVD that causes it to stop in the middle of a sleight demo, & skip to the effect's index. In order to get around the flaw, you have to skip past the place where it stops, & start the video there, & as near as I can tell, it has to be done on a computer, as I was unable to simply FF past it on my DVD player. Ellusionist - to its credit - was accommodating enough to send a free replacement copy, but since it too had the same flaw, I'm left to assume the problem is inherent in either the duplication or the development. For E's sake, I hope it's the former; there are hundreds of DVD duplicators, but you only get one chance at development.
    Justin Miller is - without a doubt one of the most prolific creators in magic, & his effects are usually very good or great. Since he came up with all of the effects on these DVDs, & given that these have been years in the making, I'm inclined to assume the similarity in many of the effects stems from the gimmick, not their creator.
    Would I buy these DVDs again? Maybe. Regardless, I can wholeheartedly recommend buying Chuck Leach's Psychokinesis booklet whether you get the DVDs or not. It's got hundreds of ideas & effects; fertile ground for coming up with your own effects. If you do bizarre magic, this is probably already in your library.
    Bottom line: the DVDs are not the level of quality I've come to expect from E, & since these have been in the works for some time now, I don't think it's unreasonable to have expected the editing to be flawless, if not the content.

  6. by adam daniels

    Jun 2010

    This is one of the best things i have ever bought,i had the M5 for about a year just using it for various simple tricks, but now... Wow after getting the training Dvd i am doing so much more and with total confidence its easy to follow and even easier to do, its a must

  7. by Lynden

    Jun 2010

    These tricks and methods are worth the cash.. Justin not only teaches you how to dominate the M5 but also teaches many coin sleights and a false cut that are really convincing. The tricks and ideas are really cool and his method of getting the device to point B is outstanding. He goes over what you get, how to use it, how to adjust it, how to blow minds with it. I personally give him the best teaching award as I also own his Silver Dream trick which is superb and his loops DVD which is in depth. Out of Adam Grace, Rich F., Rich S, Daniel Garcia, Nathan Kronzo, and Brad,..... Justin Miller's DVDs are the best in teaching quality. Now, I am not dissing the other pros because they are really good too, not to mention that I only watched the hover card instructional clip by Brad and only the loops DVD by Nate, and they have others, but Justin is just more "good" at what he is trying to say, just my opinion. Brad has tons others out there which are probably amazing, and of course he set of this place, thanks brad. Without you, we wouldn't have the M5. Not to mention everything else.

  8. by michael Neveu

    Feb 2010

    Worth every dollar, High quality and practical. If you own M5, and are new to the concept, get these dvd's.

  9. by Thi Dinh

    Jan 2010

    The M5 is an amazing device that all magician must have in magic. The M5 is not just a gimmick, it also a hold out device for other tricks. I have had the M5 for a long time, and I think I discover all the tricks you can do with it. But I was wrong when I saw the M5 DVD came out. I learn that there are much more thing I didn't discover about the M5. The M5 is one of my special in magic. I used it almost everyday. My favorite trick in the DVD is the nails to card. The trick is so strong, everytime I do it. I floor the spectator. Here is a example video of me doing the nails to card.

    In short, If you don't have the m5 or the m5 DVD, get one. I will guarantee that it will worth every penny you spent on it.

    Tricky Devil.

  10. by Garrett

    Jan 2010

    Justin did a great job of combining a almost flawless blend of slieght of hand with the great potential of the M5. I use the M5 almost everyday and it still amazes me on how many more uses it could be for. I thought it was also good with the performance tips by Justin and how he said 'dont make it a move'. Though the dvds were a little slow moving they were overall great.

  11. by bruno duque

    Dec 2009

    great moves, great ideas, everything is cool, pure magic... i like it

  12. by Jonathan Powell

    Oct 2009

    I bought these dvds a month or two ago along with the m5 pro kit and I must say Justin Miller gives great insight on using the M5 I highly recommend these training DVD's for anyone who owns an M5...


  13. by Donovan Day

    Sep 2009

    The match that stands up in the spectators hand is dead on! Unreal!

  14. by Robert Wolinski

    Aug 2009

    I rarely use the M5 unless I'm not traveling. TSA hates Magnets LOL
    I do a lot of "Street Magic" in airport terminals, so devices is hard to use, but it was great information.

    One thing I would like to see is more of what to do if an effect fails. We all know it happens now and then

  15. by carlos medina

    Aug 2009

    IUseTheTacticsAnd I love it.I did some tactics that I learned in the dvd and others on my own. My friends I lived them atonish and they can't believe it and how I did it. That's the reason than I like it. That was 2 weeks ago and always ask me how I did it and they want more. Please tell new things I want to learne more. Thanks. Your great teachers.

  16. by Leeron liftik

    Aug 2009

    Justin takes you through some mind bending routines and applications for the M5. I have to admit I am one of those performers who got the M5 and let it sit in my box for almost a year. I would definitely recommend getting both volumes. I grabbed onto four routines immediately and was out performing them with in two weeks at a 30th birthday party. The reactions are really amazing!!! practical and easy to apply, there is a nice variety of routines on this which allows you to use the M5 in many ways with out just doing the standard PK and vanishes. Justin does a great job on drawing the distinction between the best uses, vanishes vs. transpo's and a variety of other paramount principles that are applicable in many other routines that don't use the m5. If you have an m5 and don't use it enough, or if you are using it and looking to get more creative with it's application, pick this set up!

    Deceptive Entertainment

  17. by Geir Illing Nordvik

    Aug 2009

    I bought this and the M5 at the same time, and that I'm really glad for. It did not take me long time from I got it all until I performed with some AMAZING reactions! Thank you Ellusionist and Justin Miller!

  18. by Steven Schneiderman

    Jul 2009

    Well, I just spent a good part of my weekend
    watching the Basic and Advanced M5 DVDs from
    ellusionist. Not being familiar with M5 I wasn't
    sure what the DVDs would be all about. For those
    of you like me who live in a dark cave and rarely
    come out, M5 refers to a powerful magnet that
    may be worn around your wrist, beneath a jacket.
    With this magnet in place, you can accomplish

    The Basic DVD covers the general use and
    performance of effects with the M5 system which
    includes the magnet, an elastic band, a safety pin
    and other accessories required to perform some of
    the illusions. The material in both the Basic and
    Advanced DVDs is presented by Justin Miller who is
    on the ellusionist team. Justin is a
    straight-shooter, and some of the best tips come
    as apparent after thoughts as he is demonstrating
    and teaching the effects.

    The Advanced DVD focuses on the use of the M5
    system and the Raven. As Justin explains what
    comes in the kit, he refers to additional notes
    from both Chazpro and ellusionist. They include
    shims and steel coin shells and gaffed objects.
    You get everything you need to recreate the
    effects on the DVDs.

    Justin says that ellusionist challenged him to
    play with the M5 for a few weeks to see what he
    could create. Some of the material on these DVDs
    is very, very good. Spooky, visual magic.

    Now the last time I played with magnets and magic
    was the old Poltergeist effect that started it all
    several decades ago. It consisted of a heavy and
    bulky magnet that many people strapped to their
    legs or put inside their cowboy boots. For me, it
    was impractical.

    Since then magnets have gotten stronger and
    smaller and thus easier to conceal and use. I've
    seen David Blaine and others work some apparent
    miracles. These DVDs have some reputation makers
    on them, but they will take practice. Too many
    magicians, especially the younger set, will
    probably rush out to perform these effects and
    draw suspicion. It's all in the finesse. And that
    takes time to develop and master.

    Among Justin's better effects is a Haunted Pack
    where a deck cuts itself inside a ziplock bag to a
    selected card. I've always liked self-cutting
    decks like the Cobra Deck but hate ending dirty. This
    is a way to get a similar effect and end virtually
    100% clean.

    Another effect he got a lot of mileage out of was
    a dime and penny exchange. I laughed when he
    performed it because most of us have an old
    shimmed penny shell somewhere in our drawers, and
    probably forgot how great an effect this can be. I
    think my penny shell came from an old Adam's Penny
    and Dime trick, but now I have an actual way to
    use it to accomplish a real neat exchange in the
    spectator's own hands and end clean. This is
    simple but powerful magic.

    Justin shows a few effects where he stops the
    hands on a borrowed watch and shuts down a cell
    phone. Both are returned unharmed to their owners.
    This is where I draw the line. He says you can do this
    without harming either device, but he advises not
    to try it on an iPhone because you might wipe the
    micro hard drive. A lot of devices these days have
    micro hard drives, so this kind of scares me. It
    looks freaking great, but I'm not sure it is worth
    the risk.

    He gets an amazing amount of mileage with making
    a gaffed matchstick stand up in a spectator's
    hand. This is the effect that started the whole
    Poltergeist thing so many years ago. Justin is
    doing it in people's palms while the old effect
    had the match rising and falling under a glass.
    Both look good, but having a spectator involved is

    Since no M5 kit was included, I could not try
    performing any of these effects, but they all look
    doable and commercial. One of my only complaints
    about the kit they show on the DVD is that Justin
    goes through a very thorough explanation about how
    to modify the elastic strap to resemble Brad
    Christian's set-up. This requires you to sew a
    pocket into the strap to hold the M5 magnet and to
    add some velcro straps to secure it around your

    My question is would it have really cost that
    much to include a prepared elastic strap? When you
    are going to spend almost $100.00 for the two DVDs
    and advanced kit, one would expect to be ready to
    go when the stuff comes out of the box. It might
    be a disappointment to those who make the
    investment to have to first make the modifications
    to the elastic strap themselves. It doesn't
    require a lot of effort, so why not include a
    properly prepared elastic band to begin with?

    Other than that, I found these DVDs to be
    well-produced and the material well thought out
    and implemented. If you want to add some powerful
    effects to your magic, then the M5 DVDs might be
    the way to go.

  19. by Derek Buitron

    Jul 2009

    I had the M5 for awhile and made my own effects but after watching both dvds Justin made. It blew me away, I did his effects and killed my audience. A must buy.

  20. by Justin Miller

    Jul 2009

    All the creativity I have went into this massive project. Deviant ways to use the M5 in ways you've never considered. Of all the training DVDs I've done with E , these top all. Wait till you see it.

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