Arcane Card Clips by Joe Porper

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If you speak to Joe (call him, he’ll talk to you), you’ll realize he feels strongly about metal work.

Joe will talk your ear off about the metal you start with and how you conduct your project. Joe sees no point in doing it if it's not going to be the best.

Joe implemented our idea for the cutout reveal so that the beautiful Arcane ace could bleed right through the metal. It's wonderful.

Not only do you get a tough-as-nails, card straightening, card clip to keep your cards safe – but you get a clip that lets the ace shine right through the metal.

Magicians in many countries swear by Porper protective clips, so why not do some mighty fine swearing of your own? Order one, or both, today.

Full Overview

The Porper Clip is considered one of the best card clips out there. Magicians across the world swear by them, including the guys who live in more humid places.

The Arcane Porper Clip will keep your cards flat, crisp and free from warping, yet let you show off that killer deck inside. And card artists and manipulators: We can't wait to see the creative ways you manipulate one of these clips.

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  1. by Phillip Maxwell-Muller

    Aug 2015

    I've never had a card clip before, this is my first purchase of one, and boy do i love it! such a good clip, and as someone else has already said it helps "heal" your cards after a long jam! All I can say is get yourself one now. Thanks team E

  2. by Brandon Porterfield

    May 2015

    I have the original Porper and now the Arcane. The arcane clip is perfect for a standard deck of Bikes as well as most E decks.
    The best part: Porper card clips actually help HEAL & straighten your cards for longer use. Most card clips just protect the case; Porper clips improve the cards.
    Don't hesitate to get a Porper clip!

  3. by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    These clips are great! They do not need to be used for just the Arcane cards either. Some other decks that look good in the cutout are the Fathom deck (put in upside down), the Artifice decks, and the LTD decks...

  4. by Michael Rodriguez

    Mar 2012

    i bought this clip so i could finally use my beautiful gold arcane deck but when i put it in i nearly ruined it because its so tight on the deck. just take out the double backer and the promotional card and you should be fine

  5. by Emmanuel Lapierre

    Jan 2012

    The clip is great. But the shape of the hole makes it difficult to use with other deck than Arcane Deck.
    It is a bit of a shame, a engraved version of the design would hava allowed to use this clip with any deck!

  6. by Morgan Proffer

    Jul 2011

    I just received my Arcane Porper clip and I have to say... at first glance, it is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, I bought this case to protect my 10 minute old 1st ed Ghost. But.... now my deck is ruined due to the sharp edges on the inside of the case. They punctured a hole straight through the card case and the top card rendering my valuable deck worthless within 10 minutes of receiving it. I bought this case to protect my most valuable set of cards and instantly, the case ruined it.

    Other than that I would say this is a fantastic card clip. Just be VERY CAREFUL when using it and make sure that you bend the inside as far up as possible when setting your cards.

    I have created a quick video to showcase the damage this card clip can cause. Yup... all it took was a few minutes out of the box for my three-figure valued deck to plummet straight to 0. BE CAREFUL. Ellusionist makes the most incredible decks... make sure they stay that way...

  7. by Desmond Ang

    May 2011

    I'll split into 2 parts- Pros & Cons
    1)Protects the cards well. Dropping impact doesn't affect the cards inside.
    2)Keeps cards straight. Cardist and Magician prefer straight cards. Don't we?
    3)Looks stylish and gives the deck a good firm feel. You're so gonna love it.

    1) Can't fit it all 56 cards.
    Solutions: Remove the advertisement cards./ Remove the jokers.
    NOTE: removing the 4 extra cards makes the deck small and not fit at nicely.
    2)Scratches the box. -People are complainting that the new box looks like 10 week old.
    NOTE: Card box are meant to protect. As long as your card works fine, everything is fine. Card box is not a major factor to me.

    Overall, Do buy this product BECAUSE IT ROCKSS

  8. by roy lau

    Jan 2011

    these are awsome, bad thing is my cards are getting warped by the heat =( i really want one of these clips along with a black arcane deck before the promotion runs out, GET THEM BACK INSTOCK PLEASE!!!

  9. by Ryan H

    Oct 2010

    I recieved a RED Joe Porper Clip as a reward for my level of purchase and as stated in many reviews before this one, you get what you pay for. This is a finely crafted card clip. I have several different brands of clips and this one is the mac-daddy of them all. It has the Arcane symbol cut out of the front of the clip which adds a ton of coolness to the product. I WILL be purchasing more.

  10. by Daniel Christian

    Aug 2010

    Dont get me wrong this looks great with your new Arcane deck in it but the fit is so tight that it Scratches the Cards box.

    I was a little disappointed at this fact for something that should protect the box.

    Also i notice quite a few scratches on the actual metal when i took it out of the packaging before I'd even used it.

    This is a very nice solid clip and looks great but still has its flaws

    [ From Team Ellusionsit ] - Hey Daniel, if you're not satisfied with the clip feel free to contact us at . We want you to be 1000% happy. Also, take the advertising cards out of the box and that will help make the box thinner to avoid scratching.

  11. by Anita Domawok

    Jun 2010

    This case looks very nice overall, but I had some difficulty sliding my deck inside. The edges are already ruined by it and the ace does not fit within the cut out. I would rather by the Porper clip for Ellusionist deck than this one.

    FROM ELLUSIONIST: Hi Anita! Thank you for your purchase! Did you try to remove the 2 advertising cards in the deck? We and all other users have found that the deck fits well with those removed. If you need more help, please contact

  12. by Malvin Gunawan

    May 2010

    This clip had brought me an ease when I carry my deck around in my pocket. Not only its cool, it also protect your deck. It wouldnt be a waste to buy many of this~

  13. by David Mitchell

    Feb 2010

    The Porper Clips are the luxurious way to hold your cards. Watch the video to find out why.

  14. by Andreas Shialaros

    Jan 2010

    After a small problem I had with inserting the deck inside the clip, someone from Ellusionist adviced me to remove the ad cards and the nylon that was protecting the deck, and finally the deck was fitting perfectly inside the clip!
    About the design I don't need to say something, the pictures above speak themselves!
    Buy this one, but remove the ad cards and the nylon when you insert the deck in the clip!

  15. by Bill Hickmans

    Jan 2010

    As if I thought the Arcanes had enough 'flash' quality, what sets off the tone is when I pull my deck out of this clip. Just the icing on the cake.

    My deck was a bit snug in the clip, but after removing the advertising card and applying a small amount of pressure to the opening, it was a perfect fit.

    Thanks E, I now look like a bada**.

  16. by Doug

    Dec 2009

    First, I am a huge Ellusionist fan. Second, this product was a huge disappointment. I got this edition of the Porper Clip BECAUSE I wanted to put an Arcane Deck in it. That is not possible. I tried doing it and it tore the face of the deck box. I removed even the jokers and it still does not fit and will tear the deck if I push the deck in all the way. Do yourself a favor and do not buy this product. If you want a card clip, buy the regular Porper Clip, not this one.

  17. by Alex Wong

    Dec 2009

    The Arcane deck looks nice by itself already and with the card clip it makes it look awesome.
    When you buy it you will say
    "I never knew a box can look so nice"
    Definitely worth it, consider it is always protecting your cards.

  18. by Glenn Meadows

    Dec 2009

    Me and my mate Stuart, ordered a Joe Porper card guard, and we both think its a sexy bit of kit. It looks amazing, and a pack of cards fit perfect inside. Its the best card guard you can buy!

  19. by Anders

    Dec 2009

    This is pure genius!
    I can now be confident my cards stays in shape no matter how much of a beating they go through!

  20. by Patrick

    Dec 2009

    ...After finally owning one myself, I can say that you honestly get what you pay for. Quality.

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