Arcane Card Clips by Joe Porper

Arcane Card Clips by Joe Porper


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If you speak to Joe (call him, he’ll talk to you), you’ll realize he feels strongly about metal work.

Joe will talk your ear off about the metal you start with and how you conduct your project. Joe sees no point in doing it if it's not going to be the best.

Joe implemented our idea for the cutout reveal so that the beautiful Arcane ace could bleed right through the metal. It's wonderful.

Not only do you get a tough-as-nails, card straightening, card clip to keep your cards safe – but you get a clip that lets the ace shine right through the metal.

The Porper Clip is considered one of the best card clips out there. Magicians across the world swear by them, including the guys who live in more humid places.

The Arcane Porper Clip will keep your cards flat, crisp and free from warping, yet let you show off that killer deck inside. And card artists and manipulators: We can't wait to see the creative ways you manipulate one of these clips.

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  • by Morgan Proffer

    Jul 2011

    I just received my Arcane Porper clip and I have to say... at first glance, it is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, I bought this case to protect my 10 minute old 1st ed Ghost. But.... now my deck is ruined due to the sharp edges on the inside of the case. They punctured a hole straight through the card case and the top card rendering my valuable deck worthless within 10 minutes of receiving it. I bought this case to protect my most valuable set of cards and instantly, the case ruined it.

    Other than that I would say this is a fantastic card clip. Just be VERY CAREFUL when using it and make sure that you bend the inside as far up as possible when setting your cards.

    I have created a quick video to showcase the damage this card clip can cause. Yup... all it took was a few minutes out of the box for my three-figure valued deck to plummet straight to 0. BE CAREFUL. Ellusionist makes the most incredible decks... make sure they stay that way...
  • by David Mitchell

    Feb 2010

    The Porper Clips are the luxurious way to hold your cards. Watch the video to find out why.

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