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Fry people's minds with this trick.  Read a girl's mind.... predict the future... see what no one can.

Note: All custom Invisible Decks Sold at Ellusionist have the same handling directions. Your imagination is the limit.

Now fully reworked in the elegance of the Arcane design.

Full Overview

You hand someone a deck of cards that are still in the box.  Tell anyone in the audience to think of a card --  THINK.  Doesn't matter what it is.  Then you open the box, spread the cards out and ONE card is upside down -- the card they're thinking of.

You can do the trick for one person and blow them away, or you can do it for 500 people and blow them all away.  The trick is easy to do and (many say) is the best card trick in the world.
Made from our AMAZING Ellusionist Signature series Arcane Deck of cards (poker size). 

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  1. by Race Blakhart

    Dec 2015

    UPDATED REVIEW! Ellusionist replaced the deck I gave a bad review about, and these new cards stick like a dream! Very little pressure needed at all. Right out of the box, I got a nice thumb fan going, no problem. This ID just shot up the list big time. As long as we assume the new decks are being made with consistent quality, then ADD TO CART!

  2. by Sebastian Poggi

    Aug 2015

    It's a really good quality deck. It has a nice design and you don't have to press too hard. The deck comes with good detailed instructions on how to use the deck.

  3. by peter

    Jul 2015

    I am a beginner and has already bought two different invisible decks and this is perfect no need to press so hard to keep the cards together, as well as the black color is great.
    Thanks for a great deck of cards

  4. by timothy phillips

    Oct 2014

    beautiful deck, but the cards do not stick good. just ordered the black tiger invisible deck and hoping it will be better. any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

  5. by Alvin Huynh

    Feb 2014

    I received this deck as a gift and like using it as a closer to end my routine. Quite easy to start performing with just a bit of practice. It's the scripting/pattering that I'm working on to enhance the effects.

    Sometimes it can be hard to get away with using this deck simply because of the design (audience members think its a marked/trick deck, etc...). My way to get around that is to introduce the deck as being primarily used for cardistry due to the design and show off some card flourishes, mainly variations of sybil.

  6. by Rendy Satrio

    Nov 2013

    Great deck! I'm a complete beginner and I've been using this effect to practice my acting and get rid of my stage fright. I found out that some people are more fond of magic than the others.

    The reactions were great! I have tasted my first failures in performing magic thanks to this deck as well.

    The black color gives it an even more mysterious feel.

  7. by Charles Kenney

    Dec 2012

    I am just starting in magic this is a cool trick and with the auto reset you can do it more then once i now have 2 Invisible decks

  8. by Emmanuel Lapierre

    Jan 2012

    The Arcane invisible deck is a good quality invisible deck.
    There is just one small issue. The absence of a margin on the Arcane deck back makes it more easy to spot a small misplaced back. So you have to be carefull when spreading the deck to ensure the back of the cards really stick in place and avoid any millimeter slip that might give up the trick.

  9. by Bryan Roig

    Dec 2011

    I found this deck to be very disappointing for a number of reasons.

    1. The cards do not stick together.

    2. The instruction sheet makes no sense at all. Something like this needs a professionally done instructional video, so anyone at any level can do this trick properly.

    3. It turns out that this deck is not returnable, so I am stuck with another set of cards and a useless trick.

    The other products I got from the website were great. Its a shame that a pricey deck/trick ends up being such a let down.

  10. by Grady Mosay

    Dec 2011

    My first invisible deck and it works perfectly! Really got some great feedback the first time I used it at a holiday family gathering. Great stuff!!

  11. by Jade

    Dec 2011

    Within 10 minutes of reading the instructions, I pulled this on my roommate. The best part is that he psyched himself out before I even finished the trick. Saying "There ain't no way you're gonna pull those cards out of that pack, and mine is gonna be the only one face-down". When it was, he freaked out, and has been asking himself out loud "How in the world did he do that?" for the past 30 minutes.

  12. by steven kalicharan

    Jul 2011

    my friend just bought these cards and i absoloutley love them must get

  13. by Justin Bartley

    Apr 2011

    I waited several months to order this deck and just got it the other day. I was actually pretty disappointed in it because the backs dont stick correctly. I've tried the trick numerous times and have found that to do it correctly i have to apply a significant amount of pressure and can barely move the cards. I just wish the trick would work better because it has alot of potential..

  14. by Ben Avery

    Dec 2010

    The deck was really cool and didn't need anything else. For a beginner magician I liked the response from the audience from a simple trick.

  15. by Max Youtube Channel: nd4spdveyron

    Dec 2010

    Yeah I'm only 12 maybe you think a complete amateur but I'm not actually I do street magic not just to my friends but to absolute strangers sadly my iTouch got nicked so no video review so here's my say.

    Looks:6/10 (White)

    Can be used as normal deck.

    As everyone says it slips but actually if you hold it lightly it's fine and also the backs blend in with the front so only LEGENDARY(PADANTIC) magicians can complain anyway my 22 yr old sister got blown away and
    surprisingly it's the only trick she's been amazed.

    Then get shadow masters invisible deck!!!

  16. by Peter Cornett

    Oct 2010

    This trick is really one of the coolest that I've performed for my friends, but I ordered some roughing spray and made my own deck for less than half the price altogether. So again, AWESOME trick and great effect on people, but the price is a little much.

  17. by Nolan Smith

    Jul 2010

    I just got mine and the design and everything works great but thats not the point the backs don't stick together and u have to aaply a lot of pressure. I would reccomend a different ID

  18. by Spencer Scurr

    Apr 2010

    My partner and I use this deck in our routine, it works ok and is usable, but seems to lack in quality compared to the other invisible decks available here. It may be possible that I just got a bad deck, but it requires a lot of pressure to keep the backs from coming apart when used. If you're looking specifically for an arcane invisible deck, by all means get one, if not, perhaps try a different invisible deck.

  19. by Jose Cardenas

    Mar 2010

    They look awesome for the trick, but they dont really stick together, but I a friend who can fix it so I am not so worried about it. The black color covers from flashing the edge of any face down card.

  20. by Tae Lee

    Mar 2010

    I got mine just today though they don't really "stick" together, at least mine doesn't. They actually kinda slide, so i can't use them

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