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Shuffle a pack of cards and then have someone pick any card they want. They throw the card back in and it is buried in the pack. Put the cards back in the card case and have someone hang onto it.

With you standing several feet away their chosen card levitates up out of the deck slowly, eerily. No threads, wires or magnets - all self-contained and easy to master.

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You could even set the cards on a table and cover them with a wine glass... the chosen card will still rise straight out of the pack. You can have three people pick cards and make all three chosen cards rise out of the pack one after the other. The possibilities are endless.

This deck is the highest quality on the market - be careful, there are cheaper versions that simply do not operate well... we've tested all of them thoroughly and chose this one for smoothness and beautiful ease of operation. With this stunning effect, you'll be armed with one of the most mind-blowing effects in magic.

NOTE: All rising decks sold at behave exactly the same as the Tiger Rising Deck.

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  1. by Sam Saffron

    Nov 2015

    I love this deck and it's excellent to use.
    The reason I'm giving it 4 is that - without giving away the secret - It's a little broken and it didn't take long to happen, It's a little irritatingly fragile so bare that in mind if you're thinking about buying it!

  2. by sean bennett

    May 2013

    great deck to have in your arsenal

  3. by kenneth chambers

    Feb 2013

    I owned a rising card deck when I was a teenager, and it was a completely different animal...with this deck you can show your entire hand and is so much more mystifying. My fiance watched the card slowly rise and swore I was using a magnet. I bought the arcane deck version, and now with the arcane rising it is just a matter of a simple switchout to make it examinable.
    This deck has to be part of your's genius.

  4. by Kevin Laurie

    Dec 2012

    My wife isn't really into magic to start with so I purchased this trick with that in mind. After some practice I preformed this one for her and a friend and needless to say she was blown away !!! "How did you do that?" and of course my response . . . '' A Magician NEVER tells!" She is more open to see my tricks now ! GREAT trick

  5. by Julian Rodriguez

    Apr 2012

    ok i've seen a lot of videos about this deck, but when i got it, i performed the trick, but it doesn't work as clean as i expected, perhaps it's my deck, one in a million i guess.

  6. by louis patten

    Jan 2012

    can you help me it dosent work in card box what can i do to solve this

  7. by Carl Cordner

    Dec 2011

    When I first purchased the deck the box had been opened. I contacted Ellusionist and they said they do that to make sure I'm getting a working deck. The gimmick was stretched out and after a few uses it stopped working all together. The card wouldn't rise out of the box and just sitting in a glass wouldn't work either. Needless to say I wasn't very happy with the end result.


    Sep 2011

    This is one of the best tricks that i have ever seen. but it dose wareout very fast.



  9. by Nick Lakey

    May 2011

    I recieved my deck and quickly tore open the packaging only to find that the deck is not as smooth as described. it does not work most of the time and my spectators are not very impressed. i would reccomend the non-gimmick rising card trick. for me it got a lot more amazed reactions than this deck.

  10. by Fabian Schoonraad

    Apr 2011

    Although the gimmick looks incredible and cleverly designed, the quality is a little shoddy so I never got a chance to try the actual effect, even in practice.

    Word of warning: By all means buy this trick as it looks great but be INCREDIBLY gentle when removing it from the box.

  11. by Stefan

    Apr 2011

    The Rising Card Deck is beautiful and it comes with an effect that is equally impressive as easy to handle. But: As others said before me, the quality seems to degrade rapidly, even after replacing the sticky pad.

    Don't get me wrong: A lot of tricks will break eventually or need some amount of fixing. But in that case, you need to be aware that you'll probably have to shell out another 16 bucks for a fresh replacement deck if you want to keep using the trick after learning to perform it really properly.

  12. by Michael Valle

    Dec 2010

    I bought this deck for my 12 year old son who is an up and coming card "guru". he has mastered many tricks so I wasn't concerned that this one would be a problem. My concern is that after looking at and using the deck it is already wearing down. I would suspect with heavy use this deck will not last long and be useless. I have bought many decks, gaff cards ect for him and this would be the first deck I would not recommend. Also this deck is only good for one trick so you have to switch decks when performing.

  13. by Aaron Flake

    Oct 2010

    I bought these with the arcane invisble deck and got a free arcane deck along with them. Great effect but between the three decks of cards there seem to be some differences in the print quality on the court cards. Part of the seel was the look so this is kind of a big drawback for a minor flaw. All of the cards perform very well though.

  14. by Richard Serwecki

    Oct 2010

    My deck broke in a week. The sticky tab became unsticky and I heavy
    handed it trying to make the rising card rise better and bingo---broke.

    Now 17 bucks isn't a great deal of money but to have the trick turn to junk
    in less than a week.....not good. That is the biggest reason I would not
    recommend it to a beginner. That's a big disappointment to a newbie. It
    might just turn him off.

  15. by Eric Wong

    Jul 2010

    Hey there, i am a total newbie to card magic and the arcane rising deck is so simple to execute, it amaze my friends! Brad is right, you can't go wrong with $17

  16. by Yuveer Karunchund

    Jul 2010

    This Deck is Awesome !
    Great Quality , Nice Design.
    Great Reactions ! Really Great !

  17. by ricardo hartasanchez

    Jun 2010

    This game is fabulous, people wery nice with me when I played it. Cards are beatiful and effect is very good

  18. by Mario Rigionnie

    Mar 2010

    Hello Everybody, its-a me, Mario!
    I love this deck as it holds a very good effect. five stars for that. The reallly bad ting is that it gets worn out veryquickly and mine broke in the first two weeks of arrival. I wish I cold get another one.

  19. by Ellusionist Fan

    Feb 2010

    This is one of the best rising card decks not just for its great style but for its exelent long lasting quality

  20. by peter simpson

    Jan 2010

    it's a good effect but, it gets worn out after about two or three times and then you have to wiggle the deck to make it take less then 5 minutes. I love this trick but its not worth the money because you can't do any other tricks with the deck.

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