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IMAGINE the looks you'll get when you pull one of these out. The professional card holder is finished with an intricate, laser-cut engraving of the Arcane Edition Ace of Spades and the elegant & mysterious flowing ribbons of the Arcane back design.

Vires Intus. Latin on the side means The Force Within.

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A high-end, professional grade card guard that will increase the life of your playing cards while looking as sleek as can be.

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  1. by David

    Mar 2014

    Beautiful item, I would recommend this item to keep a valuable deck in, I keep my bicycle ultimate marked deck in mine so I always know where it is. It always gets a good reaction and I can give some patter about the engravings on the clip and add intrigue to how I perform my predictions whilst letting the spectator shuffle and choose a card without me even touching them as I ask them to place the card face down on the clip where I use it to make my prediction of their chosen card.

  2. by Neivin Mathew

    Jan 2014

    Great clip. Got it for free with the 6 deck sampler. It's a real beauty and feels very sturdy. Love the 'Vires Intus' inscription on the side.

  3. by Thomas

    Dec 2013

    The card clip is amazing, very beautiful design. It's something I wouldn't leave without. Very good product, I recommend it to anyone !

  4. by John Ebeling

    Nov 2013

    Exactly as advertised. A great accessory for anyone aspiring to elevate their cardistry above the rest.

  5. by Tad Hargrave

    Mar 2013

    The case is good and the design is beautiful but the design feels scratchy and rough on my fingers that i don't like. i would probably just buy plain clips in the future.

  6. by Cas Goetheer

    Sep 2011

    I've gotten this in the mail today, finally! Fits nicely, but gave me some scratches on first use ( black arcanes and shadowmasters) But eh, who cares if you have this to carry the cases around! Just sand the edges if it really bothers you.

  7. by Elac Aviles

    Jan 2011

    Needs to have a top cut out just like the side so that u can open the box with out taking the guard off!

  8. by Dan Solomon

    Jan 2011

    The looks that I get when I pull this out of my pocket are great. Keeps my cards flat and doesn't scratch up the case. Make sure you sand the inside of the clip down with a very very fine piece of sandpaper before use.

  9. by Justin Emanuel

    Sep 2010

    People awe when you whip out your arcanes but when they see this clip on them they know something awesome is going to happen! It looks great and is light to have on you at all times. If you own arcanes and don't have a lot of money to spend to keep them nice go with this!

  10. by Mike

    Mar 2010

    I bought this clip with two packs of black Arcane cards, and it is very cool. But the edges are sharp and scratched my black cards, so it is really unusable for me. I may try it with other cards, but don't put your black cards in this clip.

    I wouldn't recommend this particular clip.

  11. by Asger S. Velling

    Mar 2010

    You really DO get those amazed faces!

    When I pull it out I get reactions...

  12. by Lance Katigbak

    Jan 2010

    This is a true work of art. I swear, the pictures do not do this justice. My mind was simply blown away when I first opened the box. It holds the Arcane deck tight, and I'm sure it will keep it in very good condition for a long time.

  13. by Sebastian Leon

    Jan 2010

    this card clip is truely amazing, its shine speaks for itself, i almost lost it, and almost started crying, it is truely beautiful... give your cards some bling....= ) SL

  14. by Shane

    Jan 2010

    Arcane Stainless Steel Card Clip + Arcane Deck = Phenomenon

  15. by Kevin Young

    Dec 2009

    I got this clip as one of my gifts on Christmas, and I was extremely happy. The clip has an amazing design that draws the audience to you.It scratched the box a little bit, but I fixed that with a bit of sand paper. All in all, this is an amazing card clip.

  16. by Chris

    Dec 2009

    I just got it and it is amazing, even BEFORE I took of the thin plastic wrap. When I remembered to take it off, it was even better. The looks are amazing, even the shine. It's a charm. Everytime you pull out a deck from a clip, it shouts out, "When I do magic, I mean BUSINESS!"
    Only thing that I kinda disliked about this type of clip is that it can scratch your card. I took it to the test with my Arcane deck, and I already noticed subtle scratches. First use.
    Overall, pretty amazing. I give this product a 4.5/5.

  17. by Michael Ellerton

    Dec 2009

    This clip is an amazing product. It has a cool look with a certain elegance about it. Everyone who sees it wants to have one. I took one star off because the clip did scratch my top card rather severely.

  18. by Alex Schrank

    Dec 2009

    The design and feel is 100% amazing, but I didn't know you were supposed to put the box in it too, and my top and bottom cards got all scratched up, oh well, not too bad, but just make sure you use the box along with the cards.

  19. by Andre

    Nov 2009

    These look AMAZING. Even better then i thought, especially that back design engraved on it. Only bad thing about it. When you take the box out of it, it scratches it slightly. But ehh who cares you have a awesome card clip as substitute.

    Vires Intus-The power within
    And yeah, i think i feel the power.

  20. by Sergio Casillas

    Oct 2009

    The card clip: AMAZING detail. This is a work of art in and of itself. I have received amazing feedback just from pulling out my cards (in the clip). It's really sturdy and it has a BEAUTIFUL design. You can tell they put a lot of effort into it (being that it's the same design as the actual cards). The front of the clip has the wrapped Ace and the back has the same back as the cards do. The spine of the clip has the inscription "Vires Intus" I'll let you look that up on your own. The only down side is that it scratches easily. In addition to the clip scratching easily, it scratched the card case (box) when sliding it in or out of the clip. I even took the time to widen it up a bit to "make sure the box doesn't get scratched". Though the outside did open up, the spine doesn't (of course) which means the very end of the deck (which slides back the farthest; non-exposed side) still gets scratched. It's nothing major, just a minor annoyance. Overall I would give this clip an 9/10.

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