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Thunderbird: Arcane Edition is the modern ace production. When finished, four aces sit attractively displayed at your fingertips. No gimmicks or trickery, just well-composed sleight of hand. Engage your audience with some of the most hard hitting card magic possible.

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Bring your hands together, in front of you, and an ace instantly appears between them. Next, you take this newly-produced Arcane Ace, and easily split it into two Arcane aces.The third Arcane ace materializes right out of thin air, at your fingertips.

For the climax, with the cards held motionless, the fourth and final Arcane ace visually appears between the others.

In the end, four Arcane aces sit fanned at your fingertips. Thunderbird uses no gimmicks or trickery; just well-composed sleight of hand.


A note from playing card expert Lee Asher:

"Even though this is a technically challenging routine, and not for the faint of heart, I’ll take you by the hand. I'll teach you exactly what to do (and what NOT to do in some cases).

My clearly written instructions guide you every step of the way, and the additional short video clips provide visual examples. When finished, there will be little room for any confusion, doubt, and indecision. It’s almost as if I were right there with you. In the end, you will perform this fantastic piece of magic."

- Lee Asher, creator of Thunderbird: Arcane Edition

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