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This is the coin magic video that garnered so much underground buzz that it didn't just break through -- it exploded onto the magic scene.

Ponta the Smith, a rising sensation in close-up magic from Osaka, Japan, is here to raise the bar in the world of coin handling. He makes coins smoothly disappear, reappear and change right in front of spectators' noses. His efficient, elegant moves make metal look like vapor.

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Sick by Ponta the Smith features his exciting, fluid presentation of coin magic. In this DVD are new, no-gaff handlings that change familiar coin plots into incredibly visual miracles. Members of magic forums have raved about his presentations of Coins Across, Vanish, Three Fly, Winged Silver, Coin Matrix, Tenkai Pennies and more. You'll see why when you watch the trailer -- it speaks for itself.

If you don't own any coins we highly recommend picking some up. Ellusionist sells high-quality, custom Artifact coins (half dollar size) that will glimmer as you perform.

Sick by Ponta the Smith is the next level of coin magic. This DVD redefines the genre of coin magic, and is available EXCLUSIVELY from Ellusionist.

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  1. by Aarsh Shah

    Jul 12, 2013

    This is a awesome dvd by Ponta. It teaches some difficult sleights but it depends on you that How advanced you are. Or keep the dvd until you properly get into coin magic and when you find yourself comfortable with coins, watch this dvd It will be surely helpful. So not a dvd for getting started with coins but if you do coin magic regularly. This is what you can't afford to miss.

  2. by Matthew Crabtree

    Jun 24, 2013

    This is as close to real magic as you can get. He does Bobo and Nelson proud with his coin work.

  3. by Matthew Majere

    May 27, 2013

    I'm pretty sure T. Nelson Downs and J.B. Bobo were both reincarnated into one person that and is shown with this DVD. It is worth the pick up just to watch him work. I added the different matrix effects into my table and contest acts.

  4. by Ethan-Kai Robson

    Sep 8, 2012

    I have not got the Dvd yet as it is still on its way but from what i have read in the reviews im guessing some sleights are not taught to there full extent.I have Metal By Eric Jones and i will be uusing that if i need anything explained to me. I advise anyone who is having doubts about this dvd to do the same. This Dvd will certainly teach you some new things so you have to be ready for them.

  5. by Jerry Unknown by you

    Feb 10, 2012

    Great DVD but it's not for beginners and the teaching was silent so it might be hard to follow.Also I am getting ready to buy coin one because two trick involve it one of witch is tenkai pennies.

  6. by James Adams

    Dec 27, 2011

    While no one can doubt the brilliance of the moves/tricks or Ponta the Smith's prestige, there is no talking throughout the video which makes learning several of the tricks a bit more difficult. There are multiple angles, though, partially supplementing this lack of instruction. I would not recommend this to a complete novice in coin magic, but i highly encourage anyone else to get this product.

  7. by near yap

    May 21, 2011

    SICK is an awesome coin magic DVD.the effects are so good that some people think its trick photography.well this DVD is mostly for the upper level coin magicians.no offence but if you are beginner,stay away from this DVD .This DVD will test your patience, skills, and perservation, because of how difficult some of the routines are.anyways not going to spoil the fun for some of you,go purchase it and check it out:D

  8. by William Jono

    Sep 4, 2010

    Very good DVD, need lotsa practice though to master all the tricks. Well if there is Will there is a Way. You also need to purchase Morgan coin and Chinese/Jap coin to perform some of the trick. Highly Recommended! You will love it, get it and you will be a sick cunt in no time! ^_^

  9. by OLEXII Khomenko

    Aug 19, 2010

    Very nice, worth the money, but not for beginners.

  10. by Eric Stevens

    Aug 16, 2010

    I love watching the demo video of Ponta the Smith, simply because it's incredibly breathtaking. His elegant moves with handling the coins is enough to make even the most seasoned magician sit up in their seat and take notice. Personally, I don't believe that Ponta isn't going to remain an underground sensation. Sure, he'll surface into the real world sometime, but the underground people will always welcome him! :)

  11. by Jeremiah Rowe

    Jul 26, 2010

    After buying the DVD which I paid a high price for, I found that every trick was extremely difficult to do and not one word is spoken the whole DVD to aid you. It just shows a slow-motion "backstage" view that is extremely hard to follow.

  12. by Christopher Carbonaro

    Jun 28, 2010

    With all my heart, I wish I could rate this five stars. Spellbound is brilliant, and is what I'm working on now. One coin routine is clever, and not too difficult. Vanish is pretty difficult, but if you can perform it after a lot of practice, I managed to freak some people out on the street. 3 fly is good- seen before, but good. Winged silver is my personal favorite, because it is so convincing. It really looks like the coins jump from hand to hand on your command. All of the matrix effects are good, although, for everything, you need to watch your angles. My complaint is Tenkai Pennies and 3 Coins Across. Both routines involve a move taught in another DVD called Coinone... Which I don't have. And the move is essential to both routines. If I had the money, I might purchase it... But I feel rather ripped off because of these two effects. Everything else on the DVD is fairly well explained, even in lack of verbal instruction. However, there is no explanation for these two. I feel that it is unfair that after paying 35 dollars, I have no way to perform two of the effects. Therefore, I can't rate this 5 stars. It just doesn't deserve it.

    Difficulty: 8/10 (Expect a lot of practice)
    Angles: 7/10 (Be Careful when you perform)
    Trick effects: 10/10 (All look great)
    Trick performance: 6/10 (Two of the effects require another DVD!!!!!!!!)

    Simply put, if you want to know Tenkai Pennies and 3 Coins Across, be prepared to buy another DVD.

  13. by angel gutierrez

    May 31, 2010

    this dvd is awsome but expect alot of practice and when you get this dvd be prepared with one large coin in a half dollar. have atleast 5-7 half dollar coins and 1 chinese coin you can get it off of magicgeek.com buy something like lethal tender or china way halftown cause you still get the coin and a trick. just type in chines coin when search up on magicgeek.

  14. by Razzi Eddyza

    Apr 12, 2010

    Tenkai Pennies & Quick Matrix is probably the most greatest Coin Routines i ever learned.Check out my video !!

  15. by Dominic Ramos

    Apr 2, 2010

    It is freaking awesome. It is not too hard but definitely needs practice. I have performed for many people and they are blown away. Buy it NOW!!!

  16. by Nick Hodge

    Mar 19, 2010

    Sick is an amazing coin magic DVD that offers mountains of potential. As stated, it is not the ideal DVD for one beginning coin magic. I, a beginner myself, started working with coins just under a month ago and I purchased this DVD, however. I found the production quality, teaching clarity, and content all outstanding. Learning goes very well. However, I have an unusually high learning curve, so I hope that this is in no way misleading.

    I am very pleased with the DVD's production quality, clarity of teaching, and many opportunities Sick presents in all areas of coin magic. Sick is a DVD that will greatly develop your coin work, but it will take considerable practice. One must be experienced to properly put the content on this DVD to work. Therefore, beginners, this is not the ideal DVD for you. Perhaps seek out more beginner material and work your way up to Sick. Waiting until you are more developed will help you a great deal.

    Sick is na outstanding product that is more than worth the practice it requires. My best wishes to your continued coin work progression.

    ~Nick H.~

  17. by Albert Chong

    Mar 19, 2010

    AMAZING!!! It brings back all these old classic tricks which everyone knows and made it into a new and more convincing performance(No one would know how it works it's that amazing). I think the teaching is great and easy to follow with the slow motion parts that helps a lot. I use to do some coin tricks to friends and i found that it's getting to boring, so i wanted to learn more coin tricks and if that's you, i highly recommend this DVD(not for beginners though). 100% Gimmick free.

    Performance 9/10
    Angles 6/10 (Be careful when you perform)
    Convincing 10/10
    Easy to learn 8/10 (Not for beginners)
    Price 9/10 (I think it's worth it)
    Overall 9/10
    Average/Mean(Of all above).......8.5/10

    Hope you guys enjoy this DVD xD

  18. by c douglas jave

    Mar 16, 2010

    very nice have not seen nothing like this for many years..not for the beginer unles you WANT TO work very HARD , very happy with this work congratulations Mr Ponta very good work,l and so far i have not been disapointed with the Ellusionist, they have the best material i use it always thats why i got this dvd.the moves are very demanding and some are from the best coin workers around but Mr ponta Smith put them together in nice work, to bad its only to music but if youre a coin worker you will understand most of the work again i can say im very happy to have this thanks Mr. ponta great work, and thanks Ellusionist for sharing this exelent work, like always great job.your friend Douglas Jave.Indianapolis.

  19. by Douglas Mabey

    Mar 12, 2010

    don't take this the wrong way, but out of the 11 tricks I only use like 4 or 5. Even those have angle issues, they're good tricks, but most of them you can only perform for one person at a time.

  20. by John Wade

    Mar 4, 2010

    This DVD is one of those DVDs that had potential. The effects looked amazing and whats even better its all done with no gaffs so we're completely clean at the end, real potential there.

    But I have to be honest... I was disappointed.

    But let's start with the good:v)

    This DVD is full of some amazing coin work. The coin manipulation here is top notch and very deceptive. Having been a magician and a student of magic for most my life I admit that I was totally fooled by more than one of his routines. This DVD is full of some of the most brilliant coin moves and sleights I have seen, as well wonderful application of some tried and true classical sleights. This is a great chance for the student to gain some exposure to more technical coin work.

    Now for the Bad:v(

    First, the DVD is one of those silent instructional DVDs that have recently been flooding the magic market. This may work for magic effects but not for complex routines with some very sophisticated coin manipulation and moves that very few magicians use daily.

    Second, this DVD is full of many different complex and difficult (not impossible) sleights and moves which are shown only briefly and silently. Further more some of these moves such as 'Dr. Roberts sl**ving method' on the "One Coin Routine" are not referenced as to which original publication they are from so you can't go to the source to study it more in depth.

    Third, most of the effects presented are extremely angle sensitive which is not a bad thing, many great effects have delicate angles. The bad thing is that the angles are not discussed (because there's no talking on the DVD) and there is no written instruction about what particular angles to be careful of. You will have to practice in front of mirror from several different angles to work out for yourself what will play and what will not as again you are not given verbal or typed instructions about them.

    Overall I give it a 2 out of 5. The coin work is amazing, but the teaching is somewhat insufficient.

    IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER IN COINS: Do not buy this DVD unless you just really have your heart set on it. You will quickly be in over your head with some of the more complex moves.

    IF YOU ARE AN INTERMEDIATE IN COINS: If you are willing to put in a lot of time and effort, experience a lot of frustration and coin dropping, and spend 34.95 then by all means dive right in.

    IF YOU ARE AN EXPERT IN COINS: You will most likely find the material here very interesting and of significant value to your performance. Enjoy and practice, practice, practice

    Best Wishes

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