Scotch and Soda Coin Trick

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The magician displays two coins of almost equal size, one English Copper Coin and one 50 Cent Silver Coin.

The magician stacks the coins and places them into the spectator's hand. He then asks her to place her hands behind her back and put one coin in each hand, remarking that the silver coin is slightly larger than the copper coin, making them easy to tell apart. The magician asks to see the silver coin which the spectator produces. When the spectator opens her other hand, the copper coin has become a quarter.

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  1. by Jonathon

    Feb 2016

    If you are a magician then
    I would recommend this trick it will get great reaction.

  2. by Davor Seferovic

    Aug 2013

    This trick literally makes people go crazy! Plus you end relatively clean, I carry this around with me every where.

  3. by Clyde Cook III

    Jun 2013

    Scotch and Soda has been a favorite of mine for over 40 yrs. of close-up performing. I highly recommend this trick to any magician or magic hobby enthusiast who does not already have this in their pocket. It is a great easy to learn trick and will always leaving them scratching their heads.

    C.Cook - The Amazing Clydini

  4. by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    This was recommended to me and its awesome

  5. by paul washington

    May 2013

    its great I and others I showed it to loved it thank you got my eye on other tricks see you soon

  6. by michael blau

    Apr 2013

    This is one of those tricks that will never get old and will never sit in your magic box because you just want to keep playing with it. ADD TO CART. It the best coin effect out there and if you mix it will a coin bite and maybe revoke ti will blow peoples mind away. For example, I like to do scotch and soda and then from there I make the quarter into the revoke effect. then when you make the centavo appear the x is on the centavo.

  7. by Charles Kenney

    Mar 2013

    This is a great trick and easy to learn and once you have the basics down there are so many variations that can be performed

  8. by Inho Kim

    Mar 2013

    Amazing trick! I would buy another set if I could. It's that good! I performed this after a day of practicing and I immediately got great reactions! It's so much fun too!

  9. by matthew bixby

    Jun 2011

    I recently went to a magic shop that had the same trick for $5. When i looked in the container i found 2 different sets, one for the 50 cent and centavo and another for and a 2 pence with a quarter gimmick. all i am saying is that this is way to expensive, it should be about $10 or less not 25 dollars because that is way to much.

  10. by nick b

    Nov 2010

    this trick i do all the time and every person loves it

  11. by jason johnston

    May 2010

    i love this trick ... i've been performing it for about 15 years .. i just recently bought a new one because i thought i had lost my old set and i loved that set since i had it for so long.... well i found it in with my other coins ,,,, seems so good it can even fool magicians lol ... i was using it as a regular coin for how many tricks i have no idea... get buy you'll love it..... so many things you can do with it ... you're so far ahead of your audience you can hide the other mexican coin anywhere before you even introduce the trick ...

  12. by Greg Hickman

    Feb 2010

    I've been doing Scotch & Soda for almost 30 yrs. I still use my original set. I often carry it around in my pocket for an anytime, anywhere instant miracle. There are several small books and videos out there that provide many different effects. Get creative !!

  13. by johnathon Jorgensen

    Feb 2010

    This was one of my very first tricks I performed/bought etc. I would say this is what got me interested in doing magic. I have had this trick for at least 10years, and i still use it. It is very simple and still amazes people! The thing is you can use this effect with other of your routines... get creative!

    i would suggest this to anyone with any skill level. You can do this with very simple sleights to none at all... you can physically watch the coins change and then it appear somewhere else! I love it!

  14. by Edwin Alers

    Feb 2010

    this trick is a great street magic trick so eazy too and has great reactions. rest time s real fast. but the reason i gave it 4 stars is the gimick can wear out real fast also the coin that the copper coin feels so fake but no one will ever notice it because u touch never let them u swich the coins literaly in there hands with out them nowing!

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