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Out of Rich Ferguson's personal working mental act come 11 powerful impromptu effects and techniques.

Rich unlocks amazing effects with watches, numbers, IPhones, cards, business cards, forces and reveals.

Almost all of this DVD can be done 100% impromptu. Very useful for the intermediate but can be performed by beginner also. Blend mentalism with your magic and take the best from BOTH worlds.

Note: Buy Volume 2 at the same time and save $10 instantly.

Full Overview

From Rich Ferguson - Artist & Creator:

"I'm into effects that cause a confusion between clapping, crying and shutdown. I like it when I know it hits them harder later... and they talk about it and grab me years later to tell ME about it like I was not there. This is what this DVD is all about, striking them where they are most vulnerable.... the mind."

Rich Ferguson is a world-renowned performer with a list of high-profile clients. It’s been a close guarded secret to why Rich Ferguson get’s requested personally by Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell or Courtney Cox to do their private gigs. Now, 11 of those secrets are contained in his latest collection, “This is Mentalism” where Rich strikes them all in the most vulnerable place... the mind.

"This is Mentalism” is filled with 11 powerful, practical effects that let you reach into people’s minds, steal their thoughts and spill those secrets right out on the table. In the past, these types of feats required lengthy setups and preparation. Rich has developed these effects to be impromptu, quick on the draw and forcefully impressive. Practicality is no longer an issue.


Force a bottom card through "visualization" using crime scene type methodology.
• Teaches psychological timing
• Teaches a "marker", a total reframing technique.
• 100% impromptu, Instant reset/No reset required.

Borrow a phone or calculator (Using an IPhone is SWEET) to get prediction to appear.
• The explanation reveals several ideas with numbers (like knowing someone's Social Security # )
• Added "Math Wiz" trick by letting others test YOU. Great additional trick!
• 100% impromptu, Instant reset/No reset required as you "set this up" in front of them.

You can draw anything they draw

• 100% impromptu
• It takes a couple minutes and you are set for years.
• Instant reset/No reset required.

Use your business card to reveal a chosen word in ANY borrowed book, newspaper, brochure, etc.

• Worth the DVD alone. This is something I showed Brad last year and he sat right up... I repeated it and he flipped. I WAS going to keep this or marketed it separate, but I think this DVD needed/deserved it. You will get freaking miles out it.
• 100% impromptu after you spend literally 15 seconds to make it. Once made, you easily carry it in your wallet behind other business cards. I'm not kidding when I say this will make people flip.
• Instant reset/No reset required as it is "fixed" essentially automatically when putting it away.


Figure out a spectator selected word in ANY BORROWED BOOK.

• 100% impromptu… borrowed book, anytime, no set up.
• Instant reset/No reset required.

Brand new way to gain a peek at a selected card while they are being sprung from one hand to another.

• Extremely undetectable and leaves no room for suspicion.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.

They pick and deal. You always win....always.

• Even let them switch cards.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.

Spectator guessed numbers on a grid start to add up to a merely thought of number. In every which way imaginable.

• Spectators have a hard time comprehending this.
• Only capable by a Nasa supercomputer.
• 100% impromptu Instant reset/No reset required.


Use a SECURITY SEALED envelope in extremely clever and new way.

• Use them "right out of magazines" or offices, etc.
• 100% impromptu.
• Instant reset/No reset required
• In a street magic method this is the only effect on here with prep IF you want to go there.


Stop a spectators watch just by using static electricity or just by touching a pressure point on their body.

• 100% impromptu.
• Instant reset/No reset required.


Out of THEIR OWN POCKET they pull an APPEARANCE of a prediction with THEIR signature on it. Powerful.

• Based on the Out to Lunch principle in a clever new way using a business card.
• 100% impromptu once you set this up.
• Takes a couple seconds to reset.


Ease of setup and reset is gold. You do NOT have to go buy anything extra.

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  1. by Gabriel Diaz

    Dec 2015

    I've seen the DVD and let me tell you, I was blown away. Rich does a good job telling you how to set up the tricks and how to add a story behind it. When you add a story behind the trick, it makes the mentalism trick even more real. I've used some of the tricks he mentions, and it just blew some people away, when I performed it. Do yourself a favor, if you're a fan of mentalism please buy it!

  2. by Eric Bailey

    Jan 2014

    I love these. Mentalism just isn't for me. Its not my style of magic. That beind said, there is some great stuff here for sure. If you love mentalism, i don't see how you could go wrong here. Get it.

  3. by william ketcher

    Dec 2013

    Rich is really good at mentalism and he explains a lot of the psychology and methods but I really love the video. I can't wait to buy mentalism 2 to but if you were thinking about buying it do so you'll be happy you did. You'll get your money's worth.

  4. by kenneth domingo

    Nov 2013

    Great video, rich ferguson explains the effects clearly and gives great explanations as to how and when to use the effects. I only ever used 2 of the effects though, because i don't really carry any books or magazines with me when i perform.

  5. by gary roe

    Sep 2013

    A true gateway to visual and psychological subtleties. The best place to begin your journey in mentalist.

  6. by R.J. Daniel

    Aug 2013

    This came out right when I said to my self "I want to learn mentalism" it taught me everything I need to begin, Rich is an amazing teacher. I still use some of this tricks others I don't but they were there when I needed them and taught me the basics of the art. Bottom line if you want to be a Mentalist and wow a large group this is where you start.

  7. by Joseph Lennart

    Jul 2013

    great for people getting into mentalism. AND even advanced people will find something here to use

  8. by Inho Kim

    Jun 2013

    Awesome! I loved all the effects on this DVD. I'm really going to enjoy performing these. So easy and effective.

  9. by James Mac Arthur

    Jun 2013

    If you are a beginner looking to become a mentalist this is where to start. All the tricks are fun and easy, and you'll love to perform.

  10. by daniel lam

    May 2013

    to be honest after reading a lot of the reviews i felt slightly disappointed with the dvd. the parts that i did enjoy were numberz, paperback prediction and spring peek as they r all great impromptu effects and utilities that u can use everyday. be careful with some of these effects especially equivoque, window and time stop as spectators may become a little suspicious when you're performing these. unfortunately they didnt have alpha pack in the dvd as it was one of the main reasons i wanted to get this.

  11. by sean bennett

    May 2013

    mindblowing how effective these tricks are

  12. by Chris Taylor

    May 2013

    all great effects that get great reactions, no risk poker is my favourite. definately worth getting for anyone interested in mentalism

  13. by Hudson Hufham

    May 2013

    Very very good mentalism DVD. The ideas and presentational advice he gives are great. There are probably four effects on here that I perform regularly.

  14. by Freddie Bowes

    May 2013

    Amazing, one of the best products i have!

  15. by Inho Kim

    Mar 2013

    You can't go wrong with using these effects! They are all awesome and very devious. I haven't tried all of them yet but this is a steal for the price. You really need the confidence to do this right.

  16. by Hunter Mayberry

    Feb 2013

    Rich explains everything and takes his time doing it. These tricks are easy to perform to. Great dvd. Highly recomended

  17. by Joshua Burkheiser

    Feb 2013

    This instructional video does exactly what it says. Its his way of mixing magic with the art of mentalism. If your looking for a way to spice up your mentalism routine then this is the video for you!

  18. by Seth Miracle

    Jan 2013

    This video covers so many aspects of Mentalism and every effect is a knock out! The content is so rich (yes pun intended) and Rich almost underplay the power behind some of the effects.

  19. by Ollie Vulliamny

    Feb 2012

    Its a good DVD with useful tips but i was slightly disappointed with some of the tricks and principles of how it all worked and some parts seem slightly transparant in my eyes, for example he uses a deck of cards in one of the earlier tricks and for this trick to work it requires putting the deck away in a pocket.. now for someones who talks about needing a premise for tricks to work, i cannot seem to find a logical answer to why out of all the tricks i do, only this one requires me putting the deck could argue i should do this first or on its own, well then riddle me this.. having gone downstairs to perform this trick and only this trick to my 13 year old brother his first query when i finished it was literally 'you cant do it without putting the deck in your pocket can you?'...'No, i cant', it seems if anybody else was to put 2 and 2 together then its quite clear that even if you structure your other 'mind reading' techniques well, they are still suspicious in general which lowers their feeling of amazment. All im saying is if your looking for a way to convince people your either a mind reader or unbeliveabley good at phsycology when really your not then this is the DVD for you if however you are hoping for some good advice on reading people and possibly a leg up on how people like Derran Brown go about achieving this feat then im afraid to say you will be dissapointed because that is not what this is.

  20. by Mike

    Nov 2011

    I have seen a number of mentalism DVD's which all add up to a series of tricks with no way to "fluidly" move through them. Rich's DVD is different. In this DVD he holds nothing back and truly gives you a means to perform mentalism rather than a sequence of tricks. I highly recomend this DVD to anyone who wants to be able to walk the street or play at the bar and perform mentalism with not a whole lot in your pockets but still blow your audience away.

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