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<![CDATA[Faith Healer by Luke Jermay]]> http://www.ellusionist.com/faith-healer-by-luke-jermay.html Warning: Faith Healer contains a demonstration of an extreme nature. If you are offended by religious themes in performance art please do not buy this book. Neither the author nor the publisher can be held responsible for outcomes resulting from performing this demonstration in any manner whatsoever.

Faith Healer is a 62 page book that delves into the spiritually charged world of ‘belief'. It is a compilation of 3 routines by Luke Jermay that individually could convince someone that you have supernatural powers, but together - they have the power to start religions.

Also included is a bonus routine from mentalist Jerome Finley, taken from his seminal work 'The Taboo Treatise'. If you are aware of that particular publication, then you will most likely have already clicked the 'Add to Cart' button - as you know exactly what to expect from this book.

In the Book

Faith Healer - an effect that allows the performer to physically and emotionally heal a spectator through the power of touch and energy transference, in a stylized demonstration of Evangelical Faith Healing.

Crossing Over - Luke's take on the Living or Dead test, that has been described as the best, most practical and most powerful LoD routine ever shared in print. With two performance methods included (one instantly performable in any show, the other kept in line with the 'Faith Healer' theme) the kicker alone for this effect is convincer enough that you'll only ever perform Jermay's version of this effect.

Empath - Create the illusion that you can sense the emotion of any memory in a spectator's mind, giving them specific and detailed information about that event from their past. If you could really read minds - this would be how to demonstrate it.

‘Transcends the self-imposed boundaries of what we call mentalism. Be careful when using this routine and be prepared for the intense reactions you will receive.’ - Paul Voodini

As you can tell, the material is as far from 'sponge bunnies' (and the triviality referred to by Max Maven) as it's possible to get. Neither Luke Jermay nor Ellusionist make any excuses or apologies for the material within this book. Faith Healing, performed by a magician - has ethical issues. As would any pseudo-scientific demonstration of psychic ability.

First and foremost, we are entertainers, and despite the depth of this material - every effect is based on that understanding. These are emotionally charged, spiritually fuelled routines, the ethics of their performance is left up to you.

'These are powerful words that will make a believer experience something truly profound.' - Marc Paul

Limited to just 100 copies, Faith Healer by Luke Jermay is likely to sell out almost immediately. Add it to your cart now.
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<![CDATA[Money by Lloyd Barnes]]> http://www.ellusionist.com/money-by-lloyd-barnes.html With no cover, no hand-switching, no fancy origami and no stacks of bills to hide behind, a single dollar bill changes into a ten - or even a hundred - in the blink of an eye.

In his newest release, ‘Money’, Lloyd Barnes has created what could possibly be called the most stunning bill change we've ever seen.

When Team Ellusionist saw this effect on video, we were practically falling over each other to get Lloyd on the phone. When he demonstrated it live for us - we knew we had to have it. Clean. Pure. Direct. 'Money' is everything great magic should be.


Use any currency, and denomination - or (as demonstrated in the trailer) let your imagination run wild and change other items into money:

• Instantly cash in a winning lotto or scratch ticket.
• Get a refund from a receipt.
• Show how you ‘saved money’ using a voucher.
• Cash a check without the bank.
• Perform the change in a spectator's hands...
click to watch
Lloyd answers questions and demonstrates various methods

The method for this effect leaves the change entirely up to you. With nearly TWO HOURS of teaching, multiple handlings, tips, performance ideas, switches and changes, Money leaves no doubt that Lloyd Barnes has thought about every possible detail when it comes to his effect.

Lloyd’s signature style places the beauty of the magic before anything else - however, the simplicity, practicality and ease of this change proves that nothing has been compromised - and the name 'Lloyd Barnes' could just be the newest 'one to watch'.

Add it to cart, today.

Note: Shortly after we teased Lloyd Barnes’ ‘Money' across our social media, we found another company was quick to pre-release what appears to be a very similar effect. However, they are not the same. Due to the different method of this other effect, you are limited to very few handlings. ‘Money' does not have these restrictions, with the precision gimmick allowing a plethora of handlings – including having the change happen in the spectator’s hand – as seen in the trailer. Money can also be performed with other currencies, different sized bills and even other objects (again - as shown in the trailer).

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<![CDATA[Tattoo Joe by Joe Russell]]> http://www.ellusionist.com/tattoo-joe-joe-russell.html
Magicians at Ellusionist went insane for this effect, starting with Brad Christian when Paul Harris sent it over. The system works like a charm. It's one of the strongest effects to rub it's way onto the magic scene using a unique method to make it seem like a genuine tattoo appears on your arm.
  • Customize your gimmick with ANY word, picture, logo, name, image or reveal
  • Use the same gimmick hundreds of times (two different tattoos per gimmick)
  • Yes, oh yesssss ----- instant reset. Show and GO!
  • Perform surrounded with sleeves rolled up or with short sleeves
  • Easy to perform, almost TOO easy.
  • Comes with everything required for fast set-up
  • This unique new system is sold exclusively by Ellusionist

Do you have YOUR tattoo yet, young man? Not yet? Then toss Tattoo Joe into your cart today and get inventing your brilliant tricks!


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