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<![CDATA[400Ft Invisible Thread ]]> http://www.ellusionist.com/invisible-elastic-thread-400ft.html

Levitate. Suspend. Animate. Touch. Hover. Move. Freak Out. We think we've finally discovered a thread that does it all - better than anything else out there.

• Float a Solid Silver Dollar
• Perform Haunted Pack anywhere in the deck
• Perfect for 'hands off' hook-ups
• Low-Gloss Finish for maximum invisibility
• No Stripping Required
• 400ft of Invisible Elastic Thread

Tired of wasting our money on packet after packet of Loops (we like floating things... a lot) we've instead been tying our own for a while, but nothing we used really delivered everything we wanted in a thread. They were too visible, too inelastic, too brittle, too weak - just not up to our standards.

Rather than admitting defeat however, we instead set out to find a thread that was up to our demanding standards - and therefore, up to yours. Through much experimentation, deliberation, comparison and consultation with some serious Chuck Norris-style thread workers, we emerged from our testing labs (ok, ok - 'Warehouse') with a spool of magical gold - 400Ft of what we believe to be the best invisible thread available anywhere.

But hey - don't take our word for it - add it to cart and be amazed yourself.

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<![CDATA[Tattoo Joe by Joe Russell]]> http://www.ellusionist.com/tattoo-joe-joe-russell.html
Magicians at Ellusionist went insane for this effect, starting with Brad Christian when Paul Harris sent it over. The system works like a charm. It's one of the strongest effects to rub it's way onto the magic scene using a unique method to make it seem like a genuine tattoo appears on your arm.
  • Customize your gimmick with ANY word, picture, logo, name, image or reveal
  • Use the same gimmick hundreds of times (two different tattoos per gimmick)
  • Yes, oh yesssss ----- instant reset. Show and GO!
  • Perform surrounded with sleeves rolled up or with short sleeves
  • Easy to perform, almost TOO easy.
  • Comes with everything required for fast set-up
  • This unique new system is sold exclusively by Ellusionist

Do you have YOUR tattoo yet, young man? Not yet? Then toss Tattoo Joe into your cart today and get inventing your brilliant tricks!


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<![CDATA[Stained Skin Tattoo Training]]> http://www.ellusionist.com/stained-skin-tattoo-magic-trick-training.html

The DVDs introduce rising close-up star Ray Singson. Ray’s honesty with the camera and intimate knowledge of street magic made him the ideal candidate to teach this style of body magic. His mind disappears around a corner before most people know the corner is there. 

“The final cut looks phenomenal.  It's like a gritty blend between a feature film and magic special.  SO good.  The editing throughout the project is gritty and MTV.  It's everything I wanted to see in E since it first got started.”
- Raymond Singson, PA, USA

The misconception with these tattoos is that it's just a force, and a reveal of the tattoo on your arm. Nothing could be further from the truth. The tattoos will go on almost any object... a plastic milk carton in the fridge, on a see-through water bottle, underneath the stamp on an envelope, on your hand, your body, your clothes. This is your chance to USE your imagination. [For more info, see tabs on right].

“Ellusionist has taken the tattoo concept to a whole other level. There is nothing like this on market! The production is CINEMATIC…”
- Steve Pelligrino, St. Louis, MO.


Fast List

  • Enter a NEW REALM of magic
  • Forceful and UNPREDICTABLE
  • Two volumes, each packed with over 3 hours of proven techniques and more street performances than any DVD in history
  • Produced on dual layer DVD-9 due to amount of content
  • Quality rivals that of big studio DVDs
  • Includes the brutally honest documentary “Hotel Diaries” of Ray Singson

In the Box



01. Hotel Diaries Intro
02. Introduction
03. Way of Connecting
04. Hold Out
05. Thoughs on the day
06. Hold Out: Revealed
07. Erdnase Color Change
08. The Method
09. Hotel Diaries: Reflections
10. Bar Code: Performances
11. Bar Code: Revealed
12. Hotel Diaries: Reflections on Day 2
13. Pop Out
14. Hotel Diaries: Reflections on Silence
15. Handshake
16. Hotel Diaries: Favourite Magicians
17. Twin Thoughts: Revealed
18. Audience Management
19. Twin Thoughts: Alternate Method
20. Hotel Diaries: When performances go bad
21. Burn Out
22. Hotel Diaries: Purpose of magic
23. Forces Introduction
24. Kick Cut Force
25. Riffle Force
26. Slip Force
27. Hindu Shuffle
28. Forcing Deck
29. Optical Riffle Force
30. Stained Skin Tattoo Tour
31. Care, Application & Removal
32. Sign Off
33. Credits



01. Stained Skin Title Sequence
02. Introduction
03. Psychic Eye
04. Braue Reversal
05. Hotel Diaries: Magician and Marine
06. Hustled
07. Hindu Shuffle
08. Charlier Cut
09. Triple Cut
10. Hotel Diaries: Tattoos and your Routines
11. Diamonds
12. Kick Cut Force
13. Hotel Diaries: Being an Ellusionist Moderator
14. Smeared
15. Smeared 2.0
16. Hotel Diaries: Impressions
17. Plastered
18. Erdnase Color Change
19. Fake Palm
20. Hotel Diaries: Thoughts on Home
21. Irritated
22. Retention Vanish
23. Ramsey Subtlety & Finger Palm
24. Irritated 2.0
25. False Transfer
26. Forces Introduction
27. Hindu Shuffle
28. Forcing Deck
29. Kick Cut Force: Performed
30. Kick Cut Force: Revealed
31. Riffle Forces
32. Slip Forces
33. Hindu Shuffle
34. Forcing Decks
35. Optical Riffle Force
36. Stained Skin Tattoo Tour
37. Care, Application & Removal
38. Hotel Diaries: Last Day
39. Sign Off
40. End Credits

Frequently Asked Questions


How long are each of the Stained Skin Training DVD's? - Each DVD is over THREE hours long.

How practical is the material on the Stained Skin Training DVD's? - There is material on each DVD that is suitable for all skill levels. Beginners and experts will gain great material that they can perform anywhere.

Are the tricks taught on the Stained Skin Training DVD's only reveals of cards? -Definitely not. There is a wide range of tricks taught on each DVD that simply have never been performed before. There is material on these DVD's that use tattoos in ways you've never thought of.

If I buy both Stained Skin Training DVD's at the same time, do I get a bonus? - YES! If you purchase both of the Stained Skin Training DVD's

Are Stained Skin Tattoos safe for my skin? - Yes. The temporary tattoos are simply made from ink and glue. Every single temporary tattoo that we sell is completely safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

How long will the Stained Skin Tattoos stay on my skin for? - Approximately four days, sometimes longer. Follow the instructions in the Stained Skin Training DVD's for maximum longevity and care.

Do the Stained Skin Tattoos come with instructions for tricks to do with them? - No. Each tattoo DOES have instructions for the application of the tattoo. To get trained in the art of tattoo magic, you will need one or both of the Stained Skin Tattoo Training DVD's produced by Ellusionist and starring Ray Singson. Tattoo magic can be performed by beginners through expert.... the DVD's are comprehensive and full of clear instruction. Beginners will be able to understand and master the material.

How large are the download files for the Stained Skin Training DVD's? - Volume 1 is 520 MB and Volume 2 is 560 MB.

We Say


So here's the deal.

What you get on the DVD is essentially the product of a week's worth of workshopping with the tattoos. Every morning while I was out there, Brad and I got together and conjured up different ideas, effects, presentations, and performance tips for the project. Because we were so compressed with time, you'll notice that you may get a lot of raw, underdeveloped plots. Despite that-- you'll also notice that these raw ideas still get the hardcore reactions we all strive for.

I point this out to mention that I did not have much time to really analyze and play with the tattoos as thoroughly as I would have liked. There MAY actually be a way to hide the ink while it's on your skin. Merely because Brad and I didn't think of a method doesn't and SHOULDN'T limit what you may potentially think of, yourself.

Some people have speculated that all you can do with the tattoos are card revelations. When I received the tattoos, all I wanted to do was disprove that-- and there's a decent amount of material in the DVD set that shows that. There's material ranging from classic card revelations to mindreading to coin magic and offbeat card magic. It's very versatile and you can tweak and create the material to better suit what you want to express in the magic you perform.

Brad wanted to create a project that would help introduce aspiring magicians to the basics in card magic and mentalism. This DVD set accomplishes that. He also wanted a project to help inspire seasoned performers to think creatively outside the box. Since some of the effects on the DVD are essentially raw thoughts put into action, I believe we set a great foundation for people to find some hidden value all throughout the project.

Ray Singson

More Info





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