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The most visual linking rubber band sequence on the market today.

Full Overview

Taught by Sebastien Fourie and Brad Christian, Rubber Raid includes everything you need to begin performing miracles immediately.

Developed by one of France's finest underground magicians and shot entirely in Paris France, the standard DVD/gimmick combination allows you to perform a genuine 3 Phase miracle at any time.

Link a rubber band through a borrowed finger ring, link and unlink rubber bands in the hands of your spectator, finish your routine by melting one band into the other, leaving only a single band and yourself completely CLEAN.

• Fits beautifully with all rubber band routines
• Includes everything needed, including an EXTRA gimmick at no cost
• Ends CLEAN
• Perform in the spectator's hands
• Is a perfect lead in for SAFETY by Chris Mayhew


Customer Reviews

  • by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    Omfg, wish I thought of this

  • by owen dremak

    May 2013

    I like the effect! Its very simple to perform. The only negative detail about this is, you can't really let the spectator inspect the rubber band. I do use it on a regular basis and every time my family looks at is they find the secret. I wouldn't let the specator see this though.

  • by Stephen B

    Apr 2013

    Great presentation, fun to present. would like to see larger bands and in neutral color, would like to wear on wrist., more natural ...