Rubber Raid - Set of 2 Gimmicks


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    Link a rubber band through a borrowed finger ring, link and unlink rubber bands in the hands of your spectator, finish your routine by melting one band into the other, leaving only a single band and yourself completely CLEAN.

    This is the miracle that has been created by Sebastien Fourie. Adding this to your cart gives you the security of knowing that you'll never be without the ability to perform this miracle yourself.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Jamie Roach

      May 21, 2013

      Hard to find the exact same type for NORMAL ones

    • by Steve Colarusso

      Mar 17, 2013

      Nicely crafted, virtually undetectable. The DVD gives plenty of food for thought. I do wish that there was a supply of the un-gimmicked bands available as well, hard to find similar color, size, and thickness, at least locally.

      [Ellusionist's Reply: Amazon is your friend. You're looking for Size 19 Blue Rubberbands - usually used as medical or tattoo supplies.]