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From the mind that brought you Fade comes 'Safety.'
If you perform tight, eyes-on close up, then this is your new closer.

Full Overview

The magic world was taken by storm in 1954 when a reclusive magician, Jerry Andrus, took a few Safety Pins and performed what appeared to be an utter miracle. He caused them to link and unlink magically.

Safety is Chris Mayhew's streamlined approach to this classic linking safety pin effect. Two safety pins visually link then unlink, each link more visual than the last and each unlink more impossible than before. Best of all, everything can be examined before, after, and even during the performance...

With detailed instruction on three impossible links, including a refined handling of Dan Garrett's "Sliding Link" and in-depth instruction on the psychology of the routine, you'll be ready to perform this within hours of getting it.

Since Safety uses two normal Safety Pins, you can keep these little guys attached to your shirt, on a backpack or in a drawer and always be ready to perform Safety.

• Completely impromptu
• Uses basic, everyday items
• Examinable: before, DURING, and after
• Each phase more amazing than the last
• The perfect effect for tight, eyes-on close up magic
• Visual
• Easy to Perform

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Customer Reviews

  • by Hunter Mayberry

    Dec 29, 2013

    What is not to like about it!?!?! It is an awesome effect. Safety is super easy to preform from the first move to the last. There is such an easy cleanup that even my dog can do it. I have not done a trick that has a easy cleanup like this one.
    This was my first linking type of magic, so I didn't know what to expect. I am glad I did purchase this and will be getting more linking effects like the Messado Rings. I have had this trick for a long time and never had any problems with preforming it. Chris has some pretty funny jokes while he teaches the trick to make you laugh.
    You could get busted by one angle, but if you watch the video and practice, you should never get caught.
    Thanks Chris and Ellusionist for a great and powerful effect.

  • by Chris Taylor

    Sep 9, 2013

    Easy set up, easy to do, very visual, would definately recommend

  • by Luke Conti

    Sep 9, 2013

    Thankyou so much Chris for an easy, simple and outstanding trick. I love this effect! It's practically foolproof, and great on all my friends who are such close watchers. This is a must buy for anyone interested in easy, close up and astounding magic!