Shadow Masters Rising Deck


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Shuffle a pack of cards and then have someone pick any card they want. They throw the card back in and it is buried in the pack. Put the cards back in the card case and have someone hang onto it.

With you standing several feet away their chosen card levitates up out of the deck slowly, eerily. No threads, wires or magnets - all self-contained and easy to master.

You could even set the cards on a table and cover them with a wine glass... the chosen card will still rise straight out of the pack. You can have three people pick cards and make all three chosen cards rise out of the pack one after the other. The possibilities are endless.

This deck is the highest quality on the market - be careful, there are cheaper versions that simply do not operate well... we've tested all of them thoroughly and chose this one for smoothness and beautiful ease of operation. With this stunning effect, you'll be armed with one of the most mind-blowing effects in magic.

NOTE: All rising decks sold at behave exactly the same as the Tiger Rising Deck.

Customer Reviews

  • by David Scherschun

    Feb 2016

    The cards themselves are excellent, however the trick does have some issues, also the instructions are very basic with no additional maneuvers.

  • by maxwell reid

    Dec 2015

    Good concept anyone who owns the deck will understand when I say The mechanism won't stick around for long

  • by DAN

    May 2014

    All as it is described. Perfect, I have been using it for a month and I haven't detected any problem. It seems weak but with careful use you get great results.