Sharp Money by Ben Williams

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"This is a real winner" - Eric Jones

Ben Williams, creator of smash hit OCL is back at E with Sharp Money.

First published to an elite group of magicians in 2008, it is the most revolutionary bill to pen to hit the magic market.

What sets Sharp Money ahead of every other method, is that the spectator never sees the sharpie leave their sight.

YOU DON'T have to fumble in your pocket, or put the marker away... only to bring it back.

The sharpie they signed the bill with, is the sharpie they find the bill inside.

I repeat, the spectator finds their bill inside the pen.

- 4 Methods Taught... ranging from super-easy to showing-off
- All gimmicks provided.
- A decade of knowledge you gain. Instantly.

"The absolute BEST bill in pen..." - Dan Harlan


With almost a decade of real-world performances of this effect, Ben has smoothed every potential bump in the road.

Equipping you with 4 varying methods, to suit a myriad of skill levels and styles.

Like the Mona Lisa of money tricks, Sharp Money has unquestionable beauty, both in visuals & in method.

A true masterpiece that Ben performs at EVERY single gig, destined to become a classic. 

Own Sharp Money TODAY.


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Customer Reviews

  • by Kevin

    Mar 2017

    This is an incredible effect. As with most of Ben Williams' products, this is a quite genius method, but it will take a bit of practice. The gimmick itself is quite good at accomplishing the trick, however, I find it to be a little more noisy than necessary. If the gimmick operated silently, this would be a five-star product. But considering the price and the amount of instruction included in the tutorials, I can't complain and would recommend this to walk-around or party magicians.

  • by Tyler

    Mar 2017

    Here it goes.
    I'll start it off by saying this is a great effect. The method is nice, it is well put together and the instructions are well in depth and clear. You receive everything you need (although everything you need is very easy to find items you could get yourself at a local Walmart/Target). I definitely respect the work Ben put into this routine. It's clever, organic and a worker. If you get creative you can really adapt this to make it your own and even play around with other methods for it using the same ideas behind bens method. I say that because as soon as I seen the method my mind got flooded with other other ideas as well.

    Although this is a great effect, I don't see myself using it anymore. I have done it in the real world, but came to conclusion that it just doesn't fit my personal style. Once again that doesn't mean this isn't great.. it's just not for me. The way I perform and the way my timing is just doesn't match the routine how I want it to.
    Hence the reason why I still give this 5 stars. It deserves it no doubt.

    Thanks to Ben and Team E for making this available. Great job again.

  • by kareem

    Mar 2017

    The routine is great even Ben shows you 4 different methods.

    But the only downside is that it needs cloth restriction also the gimmicks are very easy to find at any store so that should have been only a Download, that would have saved alot of money for people who live at different countries