Shift Self Bending Paperclip

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Customer Reviews

  • by James Mac Arthur

    Jan 2015

    I will admit that I was a little disappointed with this one. The effect is very visual and magical looking, and 100% self working. The set up is what isn't so pleasant. It is not something you could do just anywhere and it requires a bit of work and time. It's a very cool effect but the preparation ruined it for me.

  • by Michael Kriss

    May 2014

    I'm a Comedy magician, in a country where English is not prevalently spoken, magic and slap stick works great. I love this trick because in between my amazing Jonathan, style of magic and humor. I throw this little wild card in there and get amazing reactions! Since I do comedy magic the setup is part of my joke, it's clean and fair, and nobody sees it coming! I give it 5 stars because it makes an amateur a pro! Excellent ellusionist.

  • by Triston

    Dec 2013

    This is a great effect, and gets great reactions. I love it, but it does take a little preparation, so I cant just do it whenever I want, but other than that, it is amazing.