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When you order the SHIFT Paperclip today, we'll include an extra SHIFT Paperclip in your package. (A $55 Value, included FREE.)

A bent piece of wire, held gingerly at the fingertips, slowly begins to contort, bending like it has a life of its own. Shifting the wire to present a better view, it continues to bend up and in on itself, slowly taking shape to form the large loop of a bent paperclip.

The wire is then placed in the outstretched hand of a spectator and covered, the spectator shrieking as the wire continues to move in closed hand. When it is removed, a perfectly formed paperclip remains.

The Shift Self-Bending Paperclip is the first 'extra-light' version from our incredibly successful SHIFT line, taking natural looking items - like a fork or key - and supercharging them with psychokinetic energy to bend at your will.

Developed in conjunction with Taiwan Ben, the Shift Paperclip is the perfect item to bring out in an intimate setting with just one or two spectators, but plays big enough to entertain an entire room.

Including teaching from Adam Wilber - Ellusionist's own 'hardest working magician', and additional concepts from Michael Weber, plus an EXTRA Shift Paperclip included in your package at no cost, the words 'Packs Small, Plays Big' have never been more meaningful.

Pick up the newest Shift Device Now.

Customer Reviews

  • by James Mac Arthur

    Jan 2015

    I will admit that I was a little disappointed with this one. The effect is very visual and magical looking, and 100% self working. The set up is what isn't so pleasant. It is not something you could do just anywhere and it requires a bit of work and time. It's a very cool effect but the preparation ruined it for me.

  • by Michael Kriss

    May 2014

    I'm a Comedy magician, in a country where English is not prevalently spoken, magic and slap stick works great. I love this trick because in between my amazing Jonathan, style of magic and humor. I throw this little wild card in there and get amazing reactions! Since I do comedy magic the setup is part of my joke, it's clean and fair, and nobody sees it coming! I give it 5 stars because it makes an amateur a pro! Excellent ellusionist.

  • by Triston

    Dec 2013

    This is a great effect, and gets great reactions. I love it, but it does take a little preparation, so I cant just do it whenever I want, but other than that, it is amazing.