SICK Control by Justin Miller

Downloadable Video
The SICK Control is a utility move that can be used as a control, a change or a steal, that has the advantage of being as subtle or flashy as you want it to be.

A card is selected and clearly placed into the center of the pack. In that move, it has instantly been controlled to the bottom. As a change, it works even better - a random card selected by the performer changes into the spectators’ card in a fluid motion. A visual color change that seems to happen simply by blowing on the card.

Justin’s practical advice concerning angles, performance tips and visual enhancements will have you performing this move in minutes. Download it Now.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 9 Minutes

Customer Reviews

  • by Johnie

    Nov 2016

    Great buy the control can be used so many ways must buy

  • by William Swisher

    Jul 2015

    Ive bought ALOT from ellusionist but i haven't really done many reviews. This is only my third but im writing it because even though its a simple 4$ download i absolutely love it. My top 3 favorite downloads on E right now is Daniel Madisons Gamblers Cop, DM's Moves, and JM's Sick Control. Its not as knacky as i expected or as angle sensitive as alot of ppl seem to think. Its more about timing than angles. Its not to hard to get the timing down and if you do that then your angles are fine as long as they aren't watching from behind you. So definitely a great buy. 5 stars hands down.

  • by John Crawley

    Jan 2015

    A little bit of a knacky control, but you will find your uses for it. The effect is well taught and gone over in detail. Once you master it, it feels awesome that you are doing something that should be obvious right under your spectator's nose. For such a low price, you should certainly get it, master it, and perform it!