Silver Ellusionist Luggage Tag


    $7.99 each

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    Make a statement. Travel in Style.

    The Silver Ellusionist Luggage Tag adds a touch of class to your next journey, ensuring heads turn when you pick up your bag at the carousel.

    Made from 8 Gauge Stainless Steel with the Ellusionist Logo Laser-Etched into the face, this tag is built to withstand the handling of even the gruffest baggage handlers. The back of the tag conceals a business card slot – so your details are at hand if ever your bag is lost – or if someone asks you for your number after noticing your ballin’ style. You’re welcome.

    - Solid Steel Construction
    - Identify your luggage fast
    - Easy to Remove to change bags

    Customer Reviews

    • by Jerry Lester

      Apr 18, 2013

      Looks to be good quality. I haven't actually traveled with the tag in use, so I can't comment on how well it will hold up at this point. Very cool tag though. It is worth the price.

    • by Richard Lee

      Dec 4, 2012

      This Is Great. Looks nice and tough cable that won't come off even with a strong pull.