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From Ben Williams, the creator of best-seller OCL

Taste is a very personal thing, and nothing drags us back to childhood like our favorite pack of candy.

Imagine being able to craft any candy at your fingertips back then?

Skim & M's is Ben Williams sequel to his continual best seller OCL. Allowing you to completely transpose 2 different packets of candy with a simple wave of the hand.

TV magic for the real world. With a sprinkle of nostalgia on top.

Forget Wonka-vision...This is the trick Willy Wonka could only dream of.

- Fully Customizable.
- Self-contained gimmick.
- Hands are completely empty.
- The spectator can even EAT the candy.

Featuring almost an hour of in-depth instructions, Ben takes you by the hand and whispers all the details to performing REAL world TV magic with candy.

Hungry for more?

Devour the secret NOW.

Difficulty: Easy
Item: Shippable Gimmick
Duration: 55 minutes

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Customer Reviews

  • by Kevin

    Mar 2017

    This is a good effect. The visuals that occur are incredible. However, this comes with a fair bit of practice. And believe me, you will need to practice. The tutorial videos are very clear about how to make and handle the gimmick, but it will take a fair bit time in front of the mirror before you feel comfortable performing this. I find that a quick flashy change is better than a slow change (but that is just my opinion).
    Overall this is a good product and the instructions are very clear. I would definitely recommend it for people who do stage or social media magic.

  • by Didier

    Mar 2017

    Watch out, expensive!!! Well expensive if only purchased Skim&M's and nothing else to be exact.
    There is no gimmick and instead I received 6 tiny flat magnets, I was really mislead by the products description. I think this trick should be a download, definitely. Please watch out for the 15 dollar shipping costs, if this is the only item to be bought.Than the costumer just pays 15 dollars for 6 tiny flat magnets!

  • by Mike C

    Jan 2017

    Very fun to perform. Great illusion. If you like bill breaker by Bizzaro, you will love this.