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Filmed entirely in Paris, Mikelfield has invented a killer effect that is fast, visual and reputation making.

The card is signed and can be given to the spectator to be talked about later.

You know that Smiley is a must-have. Do it.

Full Overview

"Now THAT'S a breakfast!"
The Ellusionist team stepped off a plane to Paris for the first time ever. They were dragged to the city of love by what they had seen across the Internet.

Would we go all that way for something mediocre? You bet not.

We filmed four projects over there, amidst an avalanche of croissants, excellent coffee, and checking out good looking french women. We rented a studio and lived at the studio while we were filming. Our view was of Notre Dame about a block away, and the Eiffel T in the distance.

How much fun it was discussing and working on these effects with our wonderful French counterparts. You realize they have some superb workers over there don't you?

"Magic Dream Magic Shop. Best ever."
We sat with the underground legend Bebel in a seedy out of the way diner, watching him do things with cards we only dreamed of. We saw magic theater shows - amazing! We sessioned with many top pros, Eric knows all of them. And we saw the best magic shop in the world (guess which one?).

But best of all, we filmed SMILEY. And smile we did. We all love this trick and we think it will become a classic of sorts. You NEED fast, clean working effects that you can bust out anytime. This one works like a CHARM.

"Filming with Bebel in the Pigalle district"

The gimmick takes time and care to build, but WE build it FOR you, and we wanted to give you TWO just to be sure. But a single gimmick will last hundreds and hundreds of performances.

We encourage you to go for the Buy button on this one, believe us, you won't regret it. You'll be too busy having a blast performing this wunderkind of a trick and, well... smiling your pants off!

Er, have a nice day. Merci! ☺

Customer Reviews

  • by Ty Hill

    Dec 15, 2013

    Not what I was expecting for sure... The gimmicks are very fragile so be incredibly careful with them. Make sure to practice drawing the EXACT smiley face before attempting this trick. Make sure to read the email and letter inside the baggy that contains the gimmicks it will save you from buying an extra because of a little mistake. Its good for what it is just not the caliber I am used to from Ellusionist. The video is extremely well taught I was left with no questions after and I cant stress this enough watch the video first then try to follow along with the gimmick otherwise you'll miss little handling tips that are very important.

  • by Alex Orians

    Nov 15, 2013

    with a gentle touch, this trick's gimmick should last about 10 performances. a bit fragile, hence the 4-star. LOVE the idea though. "Le Visual"- L. Mikelfield

  • by Scott Norman

    Oct 1, 2013

    When I first saw the video, I knew I had to have this trick. I read the reviews about how the gimmick is very fragile, but I thought I would just be sure to take care of it. When I purchased it and received it in the mail and watched the DVD I thought the trick was genious. I followed the instruction on the DVD and was very careful with the gimmick, but after just one time of using it, the gimmick would not work properly; you could see how the trick was done. The DVD comes with 2 gimmicks so I thought I would try the other one, it did the same thing. Ellusionist has great customer service and sent me 2 replacements when I called and explained what had happened. When I received them, they both did the same thing, they failed after just one use, and I am following the instructions on the DVD perfectly. I love Ellusionist and I love this trick, it is a great concept, but the gimmick just does not work. I would give the trick 5 stars, but I can only give it 1 because the gimmick just does not allow you to perform it more than once.



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