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Regularly performed by Bobby Motta in his shows, Smoked is a social statement effect, perfect for walk around magicians. It’s cigarette magic for the non-smoker.

Smoked is a set of self-working utility gimmicks that enable you to vanish or produce a full pack of cigarettes without complicated sleight of hand.

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Note: Smoked contains all you need (minus packet of cigarettes) to vanish all the cigarettes from within a full packet - or alternatively to produce a full packet of cigarettes from an empty one. It does not contain gimmicks or instruction to vanish the single cigarette.

Customer Reviews

  • by Dimitri

    Feb 3, 2014

    Great product love it! Comes with 2 gimmicks which I hardly doubt they'll break and is very clever and easy to preform. 2 things I dislike is it doesn't come with the cigarette vanish and you cant do it too another persons pack unless u set up the gimmick in it which u will most likely have to steal the pack, go to the washroom and come back. but I love the great reactions, the smart well made gimmick, and how u can do it from an unopened pack! highly highly recommend this even to a non smoker

  • by Justin Ross

    Jan 26, 2014

    Got this from a friend of mine for a birthday gift. Have to say, I'm loving the gimmicks! Used this at the bar this evening & it worked out AMAZING! You can't smoke inside, so everyone was huddled up out back by the heat lamp. I came out opening my "new" pack, and saw that this chick was watching me. I took one out & put it in my mouth. Before I could even get into things, she asked if she could bum one. I said "I wish I could" - and tore up the pack & handed her the garbage. Her eyes damn near bugged out of her head!

  • by ryan hopson

    Jan 13, 2014

    It was really neat to use and handle, im not a smoker but I use it with others packs of cigarettes nice job.