Arcane Stainless Steel Card Clip


    $16.95 each

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    IMAGINE the looks you'll get when you pull one of these out. The professional card holder is finished with an intricate, laser-cut engraving of the Arcane Edition Ace of Spades and the elegant & mysterious flowing ribbons of the Arcane back design.

    Vires Intus. Latin on the side means The Force Within.

    Full Overview

    A high-end, professional grade card guard that will increase the life of your playing cards while looking as sleek as can be.

    Customer Reviews

    • by David

      Mar 7, 2014

      Beautiful item, I would recommend this item to keep a valuable deck in, I keep my bicycle ultimate marked deck in mine so I always know where it is. It always gets a good reaction and I can give some patter about the engravings on the clip and add intrigue to how I perform my predictions whilst letting the spectator shuffle and choose a card without me even touching them as I ask them to place the card face down on the clip where I use it to make my prediction of their chosen card.

    • by Neivin Mathew

      Feb 1, 2014

      Great clip. Got it for free with the 6 deck sampler. It's a real beauty and feels very sturdy. Love the 'Vires Intus' inscription on the side.

    • by Thomas

      Dec 3, 2013

      The card clip is amazing, very beautiful design. It's something I wouldn't leave without. Very good product, I recommend it to anyone !