Stainless Steel Custom Card Clip

Stainless Steel Custom Card Clip


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IMAGINE the looks you'll get when you pull one of these out. The professional card holder is finished with an intricate, laser-cut engraving of the Ghost Ace of Spades, the Arcane Ribbons or even the dominating Black Tiger.

View Photos of the Artifice Stainless Steel Clip Here

A high-end, professional-grade card guard that will increase the durability and longevity of your playing cards-- all the while looking as sleek as can be.

These Clips have been designed to match some of our all-time best-selling decks - Arcane, Masters, Ghost, Black Tigers & Artifice.

There's just something so slick about a card player who pulls the matching deck out of one of these stainless-steel clips. They also make a satisfying 'CLUNK' when lain on the table, effectively announcing your arrival - and that you mean business.

Fast List
  • • Brushed Stainless Steel, pro-grade
  • • Choice of five detailed engravings: Arcane, Ghost, Tiger, Masters or Artifice
  • • Keeps your Cards protected when not in use
  • • Designed by Ellusionist
  • • Laser-Etched design on Front, Back and Spine of Clip

SPECIAL NOTE: Two things when your clip arrives. First, be sure to tear off the protective plastic layer that adheres to the metal (it’s hard to see at first) - it's there to keep that nice shiny finish from getting scratched during delivery. Second, for extra protection, take a little fine sandpaper to the inside edge of the “thumb” cutout. Sometimes it can be a little rough. Third, enjoy your gorgeous clip! Ok... so three things then.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Nesta Vázquez

    May 2015

    I got the ghost clip free with a purchase of 6 decks. It works perfectly, maintaining the cards safe and it is really beautiful.

  • by Osku Penttinen

    Sep 2014

    I got the Black Tiger Deck stainless steel clip about a week ago. I'm very happy with the quality and the look. When I pull it out in front of my audience, it looks very sexy and says I'm serious about cards.

    The only note I will make is that the inside edges of the steel are very sharp from the metal stamping / cutting process and scratch the finish of the cards when pulling them out of the clip – especially on the Black Tiger Deck damage becomes quickly visible. If you decide to get a clip, first thing I recommend is that you check for sharpness on the inside edges and simply using a fine grade of sandpaper or a metal file, smooth off the sharp edges very carefully to prevent damaging your cards. Then it should work perfectly protecting your decks for ages.

  • by Tyler Lashley

    Apr 2014

    I use to ruin decks so fast I never leave my house without cards, but this clip has kept my new ones looking and handling new. It has even straitened some of my older decks back out. I recommend this to anyone who always. carries cards with them.