Strange Attractors & Odd Men Out by Pit Hartling

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His effects have been used by David Blaine to stun audiences, and his book 'Card Fictions' is required reading for anyone who presumes to call himself a 'card man'.

If you don't know the sleight-of-hand genius that is Pit Hartling, these two incredible and offbeat card miracles are the perfect introduction.

Strange Attractors: Pit’s take on Larry Jennnings’ The Searchers plot is a real fooler! Two cards eerily sink into the pack to sandwich a chosen card. Notice how Pit’s handling is so, so free and hands-off. He merely squares the cards and magic happens. The “attraction” happens in two phases, which is particularly smart.

Odd Men Out: To find two selected cards, the performer changes the pack into all red cards, and then all black cards. The illusion is perfect, and it is accomplished using little more than a two-handed fan and a faro shuffle. You get lots of mileage out of a basic yet subtle method.

Format: Download / Stream
Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate
Duration: 13 Minutes