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Justin Miller re-emerges with power on Ellusionist.

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Divorce is A-List worker material at its finest. Battle tested in thousands of live performances, the dynamic routine hits in multiple phases, each stronger than the one before.

You won't find any ring move more effective or visually amazing than the PULL-THROUGH.... you will stop people IN THEIR TRACKS when you perform it.

Finally you won't be forced to pull out your deck when someone asks to see a trick, leave that for later. Gather your crowd with something really visual. Divorce them, using their own ring.

  • No ring is gimmicked in this routine even though spectator may think they are
  • Relatively easy to perform with some practice
  • Battle tested in thousands of live performances
  • The routine is meant to be performed with ALL EYES BURNING YOUR HANDS
  • You won't believe how this looks when you start performing the moves in the mirror
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    Customer Reviews

    • by Jonah Egold

      Jun 11, 2015

      Crazy good material.
      I use it all the time, it is so easy to carry on you since it consist of no gimmicks and just one ring.
      One of the moves on here is so simple to do and mind blowing and one of the stronger effects!
      The ring to shoulder is nothing new but is as good as coin to shoulder.
      Combining simple sleights and easy moves is all you need to get this done! I highly recommend this!

    • by Tucker Urick

      Mar 5, 2015

      Absolutely great ring routine, i took a while to review this because i really wanted to learn it through and perform it for a variety of audiences. that being said it is an absolutely stunning routine, some of the moves are tricky to get but Justin does a perfect job of explaining everything. He's calm, collected and goes through each and every point down to the smallest detail. If you want to expand your magic to include not only cards but now rings? Buy this, buy it now.

    • by Leon Dolama

      Feb 27, 2015

      This is the best go-to effect, instead of going in to your pockets and pull out a deck of cards. Instead you take off your ring pull it trough your finger and so MUCH more and you are clean.
      I use this all the time thank you so much Justin for creating this awesome piece of magic.

      Sorry for my English i am from Sweden :)