Sultan Treasury Playing Cards

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You have discovered The Treasury.

This deck is a hybrid of the Sultan Republic and is LIMITED. At this stage, only 2500 will be released for sale to the public.

Due to the rare and collectible nature of these decks, they've been limited to 2 decks per person. Our intention is to make Treasury available for as many people as possible and Ellusionist reserves the right to refund multiple orders that are placed.

Full Overview

100 BC, The Treasury derives from one legend that bandits and pirates of the east hid their loot in a stone urn high on the second level. Significant damage from bullets can be seen impaling the urn in hopes of breaking it open and spilling the treasure within.

Tucked away in the rocky cliffs of Petra, Jordan, the map you'll see inside is the very destination in which one of the worlds most extravagant structures and mysteries still stands today. Welcome to the ancient steps of Al Khazneh - Your journey begins here.

Customer Reviews

  • by Kyle Hedrick

    Apr 27, 2014

    Finally opened these beauties up and love them. They look beautiful in a fan and the box design is crazy!


    Jan 19, 2014

    one of the most beautiful deck you'll ever see. un chef-d'oeuvre

  • by michael t

    Jan 19, 2014

    Always wanted this, and thanks to the "E" holiday deals I got a pack. If you get a chance, scoop these up, because they're amazing!