TacTics by J.T. Chalatsis

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TacTics by J.T. Chalatsis is a visual array of trickery with Tic Tacs.

A minty fresh approach to the fundamentals of magic with everyday objects.

The breakout effect on this project teaches you to penetrate an empty container with a tic tac... IN THE SPECTATORS HAND.

It doesn't get more powerful than that. They're holding it and then it's trapped inside.

Visuals like that are usually computer generated.

The beauty is, you can let them EAT it. You end completely clean in most routines.

- Penetrate the plastic box
- Transpose different flavours
- Produce a GIANT tic-tac
- Color Changes
& Much much more...

Includes Special Bonus Effect by Geraint Clarke - Turn a White tic tac Orange in their hand, then let them eat it. It's REAL. 

Handmade in the USA by Ellusionist's in-house prop makers, each gimmick is precision-made with incredible accuracy.

A full close-up set in your pocket.

Equip yourself TODAY.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Ok

    Mar 2017

    Look, this product is cool and the gimmick is quite simple (not worth $25). After a while the gimmick and the tactics stop being magnetic and they loose there color mabye it was just mine but it was ok.

  • by Tyler

    Jan 2017

    Excellent concept and gimmick. Super easy to do with great training video.

  • by Ben

    Jan 2017

    The method is sensational and physics even come into play here absolutely amazing although I haven't tried the gimmick yet idk what is to come.