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$24.95 each

One of Daniel Madison's best kept secrets .... a monster reputation maker.

For the first time on DVD, Daniel teaches the work behind this ground-breaking effect, coupled with a host of ideas and subtleties that cement Daniel's place as one of the greatest minds in deception today.

Full Overview

The Advocate allows you to reveal ANY thought of playing card from anywhere within your limits at ANY given moment. The effects achievable with such a concept are only limited by your imagination.

In his first major release with Ellusionist, Daniel reveals the inner workings behind the advocate device, teaching you how to make your own out of ANY deck of cards in seconds.

With this DVD you will Master the Advocate concept and learn many effects - predictions, impossible locations and other miracles.


"Daniel, I honestly and truly wish you had developed this, shared it with me and then forgotten it yourself. Looking forward to watching you kick yourself in the ass when you suddenly realize that this was something too good to sell for so little, if at all." - Michael Weber


"You fooled the hell out of me with this! Great design with endless applications! Looking forward to watching you kick yourself in the ass when you suddenly realize that this was something too good to show Michael Weber." - Chad Long

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Customer Reviews

  • by Christian McDonald

    Jun 21, 2015

    This is hands down my favorite purchase from Ellusionist. What you get is one of the most valuable devices you could possibly get your hands on, as well as thorough instruction on how to use it. I was using the Advocate the day after I bought it; it's that simple. With good audience management and misdirection, the possibilities are endless with this beautifully simple tool. Thank you Daniel.

  • by Jeremy Watts-Klein

    Jan 6, 2015

    The information provided in this video is very well presented. Daniel has a very good way of breaking things down and explaining them simply. When watching this I instantly had questions pop into my head, that Daniel promptly answered. Overall the video left me feeling well prepared to perform this immediately. The reactions to this trick are some of the strongest I receive. The BEST part is the application is limited to only your imagination. You can use this one trick to string together a series of amazing illusions. If you do not have this video in your collection I STRONGLY encourage you purchase it immediately. You will not regret it.

  • by Drake Ma

    Apr 9, 2014

    Just brilliant! When I first learned the idea I was blown away...think about it, ANY CARD AT ANY TIME...need I say more? Get it now!