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    The Dropbox change is a fun, simple little card change that happens in mid-air.

    A card is selected and lost in the deck. The magician turns the table on the spectator, giving them the chance to find their own card - which they invariably miss. Taking the missed card back, the magician drops the card onto the remainder of the pack - where it lands, having changed into the chosen card.

    Included in this teaching is Justin's alternative to a half-pass, and a demonstration of his 'shade' for a dribble pass.

    Difficulty: Intermediate.
    Run Time: 6 minutes.
    Format: Download.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Aidan McShane

      Nov 27, 2013

      Probably not a skill I am going to use very often in the future but a fun sleight overall. May take a bit of time to get right but it is only $3.00, what are you waiting for?

    • by Daniel Howard

      Nov 4, 2013

      Really easy to perform. Not the most deceptive but still fun to perform.

    • by Daniel Lingham

      Oct 27, 2013

      Simply amazing! This is a great color change effect that is extremely visual and powerful! I love to perform this trick. Definitely worth 3 dollars, so what are you waiting for!!!!!