The Informant by Bobby Motta


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The New York Times calls him 'One of the top mentalists on the planet’, he’s stunned celebrities from Al Pacino to Nelly Furtado and his corporate client list includes Yahoo, IBM and Nike to name a few.

As a creator he’s been behind effects commonly used by professionals, including ‘Lethal', 'Shock Treatment’, ‘Taste’ and of course ‘BlackMail’ with Peter McKinnon. With credits like that, it's clear Bobby Motta knows his stuff.

As the newest addition to Ellusionist’s Creative Team, he turned his attention to the mentalist's every day carry. A whole show that can be carried with you at all times. The result is Informant. The Ultimate Mentalist’s Wallet.

Packed within its slim construction is an impression and glimpse device that allows you to divine a spectator’s thought-of word, number or drawing. Combined with a post-it note and included pen, you’re set up and ready to perform at a moment’s notice.

With multiple card slots, BlackMail panel & sleeve, ID windows and out to lunch strap - this is the ultimate mentalist’s wallet, packing an entire show right into your pocket.

• Amazing, genuine leather and quality construction
• The perfect impression utility
• Out to Lunch Set Up
• BlackMail Compatible (1 Gimmick Included)
• Thin, easy to carry
• Includes special Reveal Pen
• Download Teaching by Bobby Motta, one of the world’s top mentalists

Made from supple, genuine leather, Informant actually passes inspection as a real wallet - because it is! No checkbook sized behemoths, no encyclopedia-thick monstrosities, this is a slim, every day carry wallet that can slip in and out of your pocket without fumbling or need for a jacket.

Add Informant to your cart and perform your mind reading in style.

Customer Reviews

  • by Ben Perkins

    Aug 2016

    Ehh... The wallet itself is epic, and so is the effect... but only when it works. I've tried using this effect several times and it usually lets me down. If you really like mentalism, it might be worth the money though

  • by Turbo Magic

    Aug 2016

    This is a great effect, i really like it and love performing it as no one picks up that its a peek especially on a wallet however there is one draw back and that is were you perform it. You need to make sure you are performing out and about and not somewhere where there is a table otherwise it defeats the purpose of the needing the wallet and a lamen will pick up on that instantly. They will ask why right on the wallet when i can lean on the bench, It just looks to suspicious but otherwise if your doing street magic it is amazing. (one way to get around that however is if they ask that question literally just reply "you need to wallet to lean against so i cannot see what you are writing, if you write on the table i will see the answer haha", they will tell you to turn around!! Reply with " thats my wallet, you look like a nice person but its not an item i want out of my sights") i really do hope that helps a few people as it has gotten me out of a few eerie questions in the past.

    I just personally prefer the H-pad as it looks cleaner especially being just a note pad, also its fully customisable and you dont even need to buy the refills as your local news agency should actually sell the paper you need. A wallet like that looks to conspicuous compared to a notepad. But the item is awsome and just depends on your style of magic.

  • by Chris Crawford

    Jun 2016

    I bought this item 2 years ago and have used it as my everyday wallet ever since. The idea itself is ingenious. I applaud Bobby for his thinking. Yes it requires you to have a business card and I just do magic for fun so I don't really have the need for business cards, but I remedied that by just picking up a random business card and using that instead. Easy.
    Now what do I think of the wallet itself? I had a few tricks in mind that I wanted to do with this wallet, that is I wanted to use the wallet's way of obtaining information to help make my existing tricks end cleaner. So I already had a couple routines I could've done using this wallet. And to be honest, I barely used it at all. I ended up going back to the original methods of those tricks after using the wallet a total of 4 times.
    The reason being, this item requires you to also have post it notes on you at all times. That may be fine for some people but with post it notes, you can only have so many. And I don't carry post it notes on me at all times. And if you're in a situation where you don't have any post it notes, you cannot use the wallet. Another fault is that it requires you use the special reveal marker. If you bought the method, then you know how the marker works. And because of the method and what you need to do to get the trick to start working, it sort of ruins the marker in a way. Now it doesn't render it completely useless and I understand they designed the marker like this so that you can move the gimmick from the marker to other markers if you choose, but it really does hinder you in some ways. Like I always had to keep that marker on me and since the gimmick slightly ruins the marker, it causes the ink to dry up. I've had numerous people ask me if they could use their own pen to write down their prediction. Lastly, in order for it to work, you need to have your post it note on the wallet in order for you to get a successful peek. This is good for walk around situations when you're doing street magic. But in those situations when you're sitting down or near a hard surface, it's hard to justify having the spectator write down their prediction on a specific part of the wallet with the specific marker you have. There's a lot of things you need that and if one of those things can't happen then you can't do the trick.
    The wallet itself is also very small and is not an ideal wallet if you tend to carry a lot of cash on you. I can see someone liking it if they've only got credit cards or like 2 or 3 bills with them but no more.
    Also, another point that was mentioned above in regards to you being able to perform an entire show using this wallet is a bit of a stretch. You've got blackmail, the out to lunch principle and the reading the mind method. That's just 3 tricks (if you don't count that marker reveal advertised in the trailer, which also goes away after about a week) and personally, I don't think that constitutes as a whole show. If you wanted to do the peeking method again, you couldn't do it until after you took care of some things. After you get the peek from one person, you can't get another peek or move on to another trick using the same method unless you step out and take care of your business.
    Also, I like Blackmail as well but I hardly ever used it. I did use the wallet once in a show, but hardly ever after that. It's a good buy for some people, just not for me since I wouldn't want my mentalism routine to not work if someone wanted to use another pen cause the ink on my marker "ran out". In my opinion, I'd recommend it to some people as long as they know what they're getting. There are definitely better wallets out there that also have a peeking method. This is just one of the more cheaper ones. I believe $70 is quite a price for this. You can find a lot more quality out there with a bunch more tricks if you pay just a bit more. Just my two cents.