Thread Reel for Invisible


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This thread reel comes free with Invisible by Damien Savina. Buy this if you need an extra reel or want a backup just in case. Or, just buy the Invisible DVD and get it free with your DVD.

Customer Reviews

  • by Dominic Lara-Detitto

    Jan 2014

    The product is really well made and comes with enough string to last you for a while even after it breaks a couple times.

  • by Caleb Park

    Oct 2013

    Easy to keep hidden, and thanks to the Invisible handbook I know how to restring it when the thread snaps (usually due to practice). Has plenty of thread as well and with enough practice it can be very versatile. -Needs- to get back in stock!

  • by Alvin Huynh

    Sep 2013

    Definitely compared to cheaper ones, this one is way better for the quality. One thing I wish was provided with this purchase was an instructional on how to re-string the elastic string, as well as what type of elastic we should use.