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There are two ways to predetermine the location of a selected card in a deck. You either keep track of the one selected card until it’s in the desired position… or you control every other card in the deck around it.

The latter is obviously so difficult as to be considered ridiculous... but Daniel Madison has never been a man to take the easy way out.

Three things is based on an interesting premise - if you could control every card in the deck - from the spectator’s choice, through multiple cuts and shuffles, right down to the final reveal, how would you prove it?

Daniel discusses the psychology of his presentation and why it works for him - but with elements of card cheating, mentalism and magic throughout this three-phase routine, you’ve got a lot to worth with to make it your own.

The next time someone asks you to show them ‘something’ - show them three things instead.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 12 Minutes
Format: Download

Customer Reviews

  • by Jordan Farr

    Dec 2015

    Great great great. The "trick" alone is well worth the money but your really getting a books worth of ideas. Yes its true the sleights aren't easy and the video doesn't teach you them, but all of those sleights are worth much more than 7$ so overall this is well worth it.

  • by STEVE JOY

    May 2014

    First of all, this is a great product for those who knows sleight of hand very well, but suffering from lack of ideas. The way he discusses about the philosophy under this effect will give you an idea how to use your skill, and how to make a strong impact on people watching you. If you understand the idea behind this, you will be able to build your own routine stage by stage, and each of every stage will be much more stronger as it goes on. You only need two things for doing such a great routine; patient, and practice.

  • by martin short

    May 2014

    You have to know your own slight of hand for this trick, he doesn't explain how to do the different shuffles he does in the video. He reveals the trick, but not how to do the techniques for it, which upset me. It's not worth paying for.