Brad Christian

This is the guy behind it all. About nine years ago, Brad Christian knew that the Internet would make major waves in the way magic was taught. So he founded Ellusionist and, in 2001, started offering downloadable videos offering magic instruction.

But these weren't any old videos: They were shot by professional photographers from the very best angles. Brad put his 25+ years of magic experience into every frame of every video. The result is no magic illusion: Thousands upon thousands of people have learned sleight of hand, thanks to his teaching and direction. He also changed the way magic videos are taught. C'mon... you've seen all the copycats out there.

Brad Christian has produced some of the best, most well-reviewed magic instruction videos available. Enjoy.

Oh, another thing. Dude loves steak. LOVES it. There was this one time that JBone grilled him a huge porterhouse... Looked like a kid in a candy store, he did.