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Garcia and Houchin. As magicians who make a strong living from doing magic, they need to be ahead of everything out there. They give themselves a chance to do things that are not just amazing, but completely impossible.
So they designed the UltraGaff Deck. These were the impossible-to-get playing cards they wanted for their own performances. Simple cards that are used to deny reality.

If you have the chance to have USPC/Ellusionist make you anything you want - you take it. You put all the ingenuity you can into the design of the cards. You take the process that made "Stigmata" and "Fraud" what they are today, and apply it to playing cards.

UltraGaff is a deck of specialized playing cards, 'gaffed' cards, that are meant to fit in quietly with a normal deck of Bicycle playing cards. On this page you can purchase the DVD training that allows you to perform the exact tricks that Danny and Wayne created for each of the cards in the UltraGaff Deck.

There are 3 volumes, all over an hour long. (Vol-3 is one hour and forty minutes). Each volume stands alone, or can be purchased in a complete set of 3. The volumes progress in difficulty, but you can find easy material in each volume as well. Many sleights are taught in the videos and there is an abundance of rare teaching from these two masters; subtleties, tricks of the trade, ways to get in and out of a routine with gaffs --- ETC.

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Customer Reviews


    Mar 2016

    I think this is the most beautiful, most awesome and the most effective gaff deck of cards! There are a lot of tricks you can do with these included gaff cards, and you even can invent tricks yourself using these gaffs! I bought the whole 3 DVD's of the ULTRAGAFF DECK 2 days ago, and I am sure that they're awesome DVD's and that Daniel and Wayne teach the tricks in a way that is clear to everyone who watches these DVD's! They tried to think of tricks that are not just like a changing card, they are whole routines, and I think they succeeded. They are great magicians and teachers of magic, and I would love to meet them or at least one of them. Thank you very much for releasing this deck and these DVD's, Ellusionist!

  • by caden white

    Dec 2012

    the best gaff cards ever! in my opinion

  • by Mohamad Sabra

    Feb 2012

    Two of the greatest minds the magic community has to offer