Venom by Magie Factory

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Customer Reviews

  • by Suresh Patel

    Oct 2017

    Unfortunately quite high maintenance and frankly, not worth the price. Bit of a disappointment, would not recommend

  • by Moni

    Oct 2017

    The team that created the venom are geniuses. The making of this beautiful device should be taught to students in engineering classes. The mechanics are simple and the results are astonishing. Thank you Magie Factory and the creators of Venom!
    I am not considered a pro magician and it took me only a few hours to learn all of the tricks in the trailer. Besides his english he is a great teacher and the video includes the "performers view" which is cool. He also teaches how to set up and close each trick pretty nicely.
    I don't ever do any ring magic but now, for the first time, I can't wait to ask a spectator to borrow their ring!

  • by Robert

    Oct 2017

    Venom has to be the greatest upgrade for an ITR illusion since the floating bar in tube. If you own one, you know tedious is was to set up and perform. Then later came the ITR's, which made floating object more easier, but the fear of the thread breaking was a great problem, but NOW there is VENOM!!! I have use them all, and this is the best innovation, concept, and creation in floating magic I have ever seen. Everthing is so well thought out, with no fake moves, or useless, and unnecesssary moves to be seen in any way. The concept is so smart, I would say that everyone who help in creating this, are magical genius. I do very good ITR routine, but the ideal for Venom are light years ahead of the best regular ITR workers of today. Venom has just improved my ITR work a 1000%. And if you get it, it will do the same for you. I love Venom so much, that I am going to buy a second one soon.