Royal Reserve Playing Cards


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Automatically get a FREE BLACK PRIVATE RESERVE DECK with every 12 original Reserves purchased.

Known to tens of thousands by his alias @Lost_Angelus, Jeremy Griffith has dominated the tabled magic scene for years. 

An underground phenom who showcases secret techniques with precision and grace. 

Royal Reserve is a collaboration between Jeremy & Ellusionist. 

Taking the Repulic V2 as it's foundation, a new legacy was built from the ground up. 

Like the fit of a well-tailored suit, Royal Reserve not only makes you feel better... They make you want to be better.

The custom tuck is laced with gold foil and cloaked with an elegant red band,
reminiscent of fine whisky.

Striking, powerful & expressive

The stock is skilfully crushed stock by the United States Playing Card Company, granting a smoother touch. 

Head-turning good looks paired with functionality for the card table experts.

What are those? A Gentleman never tells. 

Reserve yours TODAY

(... a message from Jeremy himself ) 

Customer Reviews

  • by Greg

    Jun 2017

    Easily some of the best quality decks I've bought thus far. I only wish that tuck box was made of something sturdier. Feels great, backs are great, but that black private reserve isn't anything special from what I've gathered.

  • by Ian Galloway

    May 2017

    Just get this deck. This deck was created by someone who is becoming a legend in card magic (Jeremy Griffith). You'll own a piece of the legend when buying this deck. That is all!

  • by Craig

    May 2017

    Lovely cards! Very good design! Fato lovely, so why the 4 stars! Dont believe the private reserve hype! It is a black box but same cards! Like I said great cards, but lazy so called "private reserve!". But forgetting that, would I get more of the Royal Reserves? Yes, I would! Just don't dive in blind!